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System Reboot
The dark streets of Nar'Shadda hardly the place for a child, after the black suns had been nearly annihilated, anyone walking alone would be an easy target. Still this lone child just seemed to walk calmly through the dark alleyways and streets almost as if looking for a lost toy or pet. Whistling a tune as he walked, he eventually found whom he was looking for. In a bar, The Bloated Bantha. walking in almost cheerfully into the ominous pub.

Eyes glared at him as he walked, not that he cared. his attention was to the hooded figure in the back.
He would have missed him, the smoke of the bar created a thick fog that shrouded the hooded man.
he sits down on the stone booth. He looks up at the figure who was on what looks to be his 15th drink, and looks at him with a questioning stare. "Mr. I?"

Rexus Drath

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"Oh um yeah!" the hooded man spilt his drink in surprise of the small boy. Well what everyone thought was a small boy, in truth Rex had been assigned to act as his handler and give him jobs to do around the galaxy. This little job however required them to be in republic space. "Democracy" Rex sneered at the thought, the Jedi were simply nothing more than a cult that needed to be exterminated from this galaxy along with the sith. But that would be an argument for another time, right now Rex had a job to give to his special little agent. Standing up straight the talk hooded figure known as Rexus Drath set his drink down and cast almost a mental fog of nothing to see here through the minds of the bar patrons.

"Break." He said greeting the young agent. "Your job is simple, there's a well known Hutt that deals arms to the terrorist forces here on the planet. The republic must of missed him on the invasion. Terrorist forces that put our good imperial lifestyle at risk. Now the job is simple. Break the door in and kill anyone you come across I want no survivors. He can't run since he's a fat piece of crap so no need to worry there. Once you're done with the job plant some gang propaganda and ghost the place. Easy job." Rex looked over to the other patrons to make sure they weren't listening in, his power held up and there was nothing to worry about so he went on.

"Data has been sent to your information stream, you will find a small cache of weapons in a dumpster on the side of the building. Get moving so we can get off this dirt ball of a planet." Rexus pushed a small folder of the summary of what he just went over to the robot before downing the rest of his drink and walking out. @[member="Break"]


System Reboot
the boy seems dissapointed.
"why doesn't he ever want to just play?"
Break takes the folder and walks outside to the dumpster. inside next to what looks like it could be a body,is a large case.
after opening the case he finds a vibroblade, in the shape of a katana, and a sniper.

"nothing new..."
he heaves the case over his shoulder.
"the least they could do is give me a new toy."
opens the files from Rex
@[member="Rexus Drath"]

Rexus Drath

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The files give an address of a one @[member="Popo"] the Hutt a well known dealer in these parts. The empire was interested in doing business with him but instead his death or at least the destruction of one of his factories would benefit greatly in taking down a good part of the criminal enterprise that was left on this planet. The republic had done a horrible job and surly if you wanted something done you had to do it yourself.

The Katana in Break's hand sat in its scabbard, it was clean and ready to sever limbs and heads from bodies. The HRD would serve his purpose and perhaps Rexus would make his way there to observe his little worker in action. He was knew to this and he would see that the job got done. @[member="Break"]


I'm Sexy and I Know It
Popo the Hutt sat in the conference room atop his company headquarters on Nar Shaddaa. He'd been allowed free reign with his company on the planet, within reason and oversight of course, by the Republic and had immediately gone to work. Both his factory and orbital shipyard were under construction and no problems had been reported with either. He'd managed to purchase the upper half of one of the planet's taller spires for the Tenloss Corporation and had moved staff, personnel, and materials inside as soon as the ink was dry on the contract. Overall, things were looking good.

The Shell Hutt watched a presentation on a new small arm, but only half listened. He'd read through the data pretty thoroughly and was alright with the thing, but he had to sit through the board meeting to listen to the pitch and give his stamp of approval. Sighing mentally at the situation, he hoped it would be over soon enough so that he could get back to his penthouse on the Wheel and start organizing his next expansion for the Corporation.

Thankfully, the Underworld of Nar Shaddaa had quickly learned to leave the Hutt and his company alone. Security was tight and well trained, almost a private army for the Shell Hutt. Various checkpoints and heavily armed and armored guards kept the tower safe and secure. Local thugs and so-called crime syndicates had learned to steer clear or give in after a few well placed disintegrations.

Despite the boring board meeting, life was good for Popo...

@[member="Break"] @[member="Rexus Drath"]


System Reboot
The information that the hooded man gave him seemed to be correct. The location and schematics of the compound were correct. Break stood within a nearby building. two unconscious civilians sat in the corner. Searching for his opening, he noticed the small army of heavily armed guards and fortified defenses. Chances of survival dropped by 20%.
a small smile crept across his face. Encounters like this always made him feel alive, to learn is to live and to fight is to constantly learn.
"Frontal attacks would be useless, perhaps a distraction would be a better choice?"
Break quietly removes the sniper from its case and surveys the building looking for an opening. For what seems like ages he scans looking for vents or rear entrance he notices suspicious activity from the rear gate...rebels. doing business with crooked guards.
"Target locked." picking up his weapons Break opens the door to leave
"Thank you, for your hospitality." His tune echoing through the halls as he leaves
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