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Experiment 122 "Nocturno"

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden

NAME: EX-122 “Nocturno”
RANK: Supreme Commander of the Droid Army
SPECIES: Cyborg (mix of Trandoshan, Human, Echani and Gen Dai)
AGE: 1 year (since cybernetic assimilation)
GENDER: Male organic tissue
WEIGHT: 225lbs
EYES: 1 red photoceptor


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Nocturno is a merciless killer who does not hesitate or show remorse for those he kills, in fact he thrives off of it.

+ The mixture of the organic tissue makes Nocturno both aggressive and predatory (Trandhoshan tissue) regenerative (Gen Dai Tissue) and extreme intelligence (Human and Echani)

+ The Echani warrior brain tissue gives him an edge in close quarters combat, especially when using swords.

+ / Being a cyborg, the outer shell of Nocturno is nearly impervious to pain (while also being made of Durasteel) as all the sensitive organs and organic tissue is found inside the shell. However, the inward parts of the cyborg are highly sensitive and even the slightest cold or excess heat is enough to cause immense pain if it makes contact with organic tissue.

+ / The strength of the mechanical body parts gives Nocturno a super strength that can rival some of the galaxies most powerful creatures without sacrificing swiftness in combat (though he runs about as well as a tank). However, over exertion of the unit can lead to great physical pains of the organic tissue that is unbearable.

Nocturno is overconfident in his abilities and his army and would face any target even when their strength far outmatches his own.

His wishes to die keep Nocturno fighting well past limits that he should and he will only retreat after taking substantial damage and his programming kicks in to force his organic mind to withdraw from battle.


“The Grievance of Sorrow” Geonosian Dreadnaught Battle Cruiser


Steel walls, as cold as the deepest heart of darkness was the womb in which Nocturno was conceived. This cyborg general is the result of years of back breaking research and testing by a madman on Kamino. Nocturno was initially called by the designation of Experiment one-twenty-two and was, as the designator suggests, the one-hundredth and twenty-second experiment by the Kaminoan. Using cybernetic implants and altering Gen'Dai tissue to connect and regenerate within completely different species tissues, he created a abomination of science based heavily around a human subject.

The mad scientist was trying to create the perfect warrior who he could showcase as the galaxies finest soldier since the Fett clones. To the mad scientists delight, he was successful in creating a near perfect soldier, leader and general…but it all came at an unexpected cost. Nocturno was an abomination of nature, a combination of multiple species that were stuck together inside a durasteel exoskeleton which needed to be infused with the organic tissue to keep it alive with complex medical systems. The immense pain and suffering that Nocturno feels on a constant bases is excruciating and among his first words were “Kill me, I want to die.”

The mad scientist was appalled and broken by the creature’s words, but not out of sorrow for his creation but for himself. How could he ever show the galaxy a creature who wanted to die? They would see that a soldier who wanted to die was no use as a soldier at all. Instead of giving up and putting Nocturno out of his misery, the scientist gave his suit a programming that influenced his organic mind to keep him from willingly killing himself or allowing himself to be killed. Still, more tests and procedures needed to be done so that he may make Nocturno reliable in combat. The scientist quickly put Nocturno into a deep sedative influenced sleep within a secret room of his lab on Kamino for further experimentation.

However, before he could ever return to work on Nocturno, the scientist’s lab was assaulted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During this assault the doctor was killed by an outlaw known as Octavian, who was working for the CIS at the time. After the assault had ended, Nocturno went hidden within the lab until Kamino scientists returned to the lab to destroy the doctor’s vile research. During the purge, they stumbled across the secret backroom of the lab, where they found Nocturno fast asleep within a large testing tube. Without much hesitation, the Kaminoans dove right into the research on the cyborg, finding what a cruel abomination he was but taking delight in what feats he was supposed to accomplish.

Instead of destroying him, as they did with the rest of the experiments, they delivered him to the CIS Grandmarshal as a gift from Kamino who had just joined the Confederacy.

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