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Expanding the Reki

Masaru Mori

Entirely Legitimate Businessman
Hey folks, new Soma character here.

As some of you may have guessed from his profile, I've created Masaru in an attempt to get a little momentum going behind Atrisia's personal flavor of criminal enterprise. Masaru is also an ambitious son of a gundark and has taken a political position with the long term goal of abusing it to spread Reki influence to as many worlds as he can.

What does this mean for you? Well, at a bare minimum, it means we will now have criminal/ISB focused sub plots in dominions, as Masaru pulls strings to get his people where he needs them. Intimidation, pushing out local syndicates, drugs and vice, etc. etc.

It also opens up the opportunity for anyone who would like to play a Reki gangster but was hesitant at the thought of being somewhat directionless. In addition it should create more opportunities for anyone with an interest in the ISB, as now you'll have someone to investigate that's not an NPC.

I encourage anyone with the desire to do so to take this opportunity to make a Reki or ISB character, and if anyone would like to join Masaru's personal clan you're more than welcome to, simply ask any questions here or pester me on Skype/PM.