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Exocron, What a Place

Cedric Dorn

Soliael stood on the balcony of his massive temple. He looked at the streets below, the people bustling about and the soldiers marching in columns. Moross had grown in such a short time, it was now under the complete and total domination of Moross, and even more people were happy. Those who had lived on the world for centuries found themselves safe, protected, and with something to believe in. Moross gave them hope, it gave them opportunity, and they enjoyed that.

The people of Exocron had come to love their new gods and embrace them with ardent fervor. Soliael let out a sigh as he watched the crowds below. None of them knew the truth of course, that everything was just a massive lie. He wondered how they would react, if they would rise up in rebellion. There had been non-believers of course, though they had been quickly silenced.

Soliael knew that eventually outsiders would come and try to dissuade the populace from believing in their gods, though he was prepared for that as well. He knew there were other force users in the galaxy, hell he even knew there was ones more powerful than himself and Cavil. That little fact didn't matter however. Cavil and Himself were more than capable of fending off any...intellectual assaults on their little Religion, it just required a bit of subtlety.

“Tell the soldiers to clear the square. Let any who want to worship there do so.” Soliael spoke to a nearby servant and the woman nodded.

He knew his followers enjoyed being within the Temple and its grounds. When his soldiers paraded there it was nearly impossible to worship, it was a small thing for him but a large gesture for his people. Soliael smiled as his Crusaders slowly left the Temple grounds. Things would change.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]

Few ships bearing the markings of the Protectorate jumped into the realspace of the planet, aboard the bridge of one of the ships the yeoman turned towards the captain.
"We have entered the Exocron system, shall we hail the planet and proceed, sir?"
The figure of the captain sitting in the chair nodded simply, the Yeoman nodded in return as he turned to the communication officer
"Hail the planet of Exocron, send following transmission:
Exocron, this is diplomatic ship carrying the Aspect of Iron Knight with escort, visiting your planet as he did in the past and for brief vacation, please send landing coordinates for our shuttle and representatives of your planet. Over.
That is all, officer."

Two armored soldiers of the Iron Company entered the bridge then as yeoman nodded to the being in the chair, nodding
"Sir, your escort is ready and your shuttle prepared."