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Approved Tech Exedō Armor

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Eater of the Dead
Intent: To create a suit of armor that does not require restricted materials using Jacen Cavill's Iron skin and Shinjū Aÿasha's Torquere bodysuit's armored sections
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Iron Crown
Model: Exedō Armor
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: High Grade Armor weave, rubber, durasteel, plasteel, shell spider silk
With the insistence from her "people" and wife to have protection and the unique part where Shinju somehow found herself an Empress of a planet. Through no real part of her own she went to work. The Sith master Jacen had created something very strong for the Fringe with Iron crown and trading a few pieces of her peoples technology for a suit wasn't so bad. The mind prison was no doubt able to be retrieved afterwards anyways. The idea of trading in her armor that had been made for herself wasn't a welcomed one but with the recent fights they had been having and the Army of Light, the Rebels. The design was decided taking the armored sections from the Torquere armor and the rubber undersuit then setting the the iron skin as the oversuit instead of latex. Some small adjustments and the corset, bracers and neck guard could be used to fit with the cape that had to be found. Made from shell spider silk and colored black to match the over all look.

UNDERSUIT: A form fitted and insulated body glove covering all but the hands, feet and head. With a plastic zipper along the back.

OVERSUIT: The high grade iron skin suit made a little tighter and constrictive on the body. To add height and some muscle definition.

BOOTS: Hardened boots with durasteel covering them and platform heels adding to Shinju six inches. The thicker heel has a small compartment for sneaking things about.

DURASTEEL CORSET: Constrictive and used with the neck/shoulder armored section to provide a small amount of extra protection. The window created where the two connect displays the insignia of the Infinite Empire at Rakata Beta and around it is the Iron Crown productions logo.

DURASTEEL ABLATIVE MASK: Thin sheets of durasteel compacted together on a mechanism to form a mask. They are perhaps the most protected segments but the inherent lightsaber resistance is stilted since the heat absorption is no where near as much as it could be. At best shiim contact points could be stopped. Direct stabs or slices cannot be.

The mechanism is set at the base of the skull and ejects upwards spreading to the ears with a circular track. The thin strips of durasteel stay at the back of the neck until the track is large enough to complete and engage a circuit. Then they speed along locking into place on small micro sized interlocking edges with some small gaps in between connections. The thin plates finally stop and connect just under the jaw at the throat connecting lightly to the rest of the mask. Air comes through the small openings between the plates and there is a small pocket around the nasal area. The eye slots are not covered and made to line up with Shinju's measurements perfectly. The major downside of the mask is it relies on everything being perfectly in tune. Even a small dent could prevent it from opening properly.

PLASTEEL BRACERS: Refitted to sit and wrap around the iron skin. There is not much more to it elsewhere as small plates go along the length of the arm to connect like scales under the arm remaining flexible and constrictive.

BELT, SHEATH AND CAPE: A standard utility belt containing fiber cord and a collapsible grappling hook. Smaller sheaths for vibro knives and compartments for sith poison to load into the Derriphan's Eye (dominion reward from Rave) and for small pouches (tea bag sized) of pelko barbs. The sheath for the sith sword is under the regal cape created from shell spider silk covering high on the neck line to conceal the neck guard and mask.

Classification: Anti-Blaster, High-Grade Armor Weave
Weight: 7kg
Quality: 6
Other Feature(s): Bodyglove underlay, Cape can be clasped to the shoulders, individual armored sections


Null Prime
Couple of comments/questions:

1) Can you clarify the rubber underlay? Is this pure rubber, or is it some synthetic future-rubber? Actual modern rubber as we know it would be impermeable to moisture and thus the wearer would be bathing in her own sweat. The suit would become quite disgusting to use after the first half-hour, and she'd probably develop all sorts of nasty skin diseases. Trench foot comes to mind, except it would be trench body. If the intent is to provide lightning resistance, rubber isn't the only insulator. There are other alternatives, including something as mundane is various plastics/nylons to something exotic like Faraday cages.

2) Also given that the primary protection is offered by the iron skin suit (quality 6) and only limited protection is offered by the corset, I don't believe the Quality rating should be an 8. The Quality rating isn't additive, and I've seen armor designed for frontal assaults with ratings of only 8 or 9. I'd keep it at 6, at most 7.

Please tag me in your response. Thanks! :)


Eater of the Dead
@[member="Asemir Lor'kora"]

  • Undersuit changed to a standard body glove
  • Quality changed
If there is anything else please say so
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