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Approved Tech Excelsior

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Zaiden Dean

The Stealth Master

Image Source: Knifecenter.com

Intent: To create a weapon for Axel
Development Thread: $$$$
Manufacturer: Fos Misao
Model: Excelsior
Affiliation: Axel Daemon-Verd
Modularity: n/a
Production: Unique

Material: Songsteel / Adegan Diamond Skull

Classification: Sword/Staff/Cane
  • Cane/Sword ~ One Handed
  • Staff ~ Two Handed
  • Cane ~ 37 in
  • Staff ~ 74 in
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Special Features: Lightsaber Proof / Length Modulation (2 sizes) / Singular User

  • Durability and Cutting Power ~ Being made from Songsteel, then Imbued by a Master Crafted, the blade alone is extremely sharp, too which it is almost lightsaber par when its aura is in effect.
  • Weight ~ Despite able to cut similarly to a lightsaber, the weight of this weapon makes it much harder to handle.
Description: Fos Misao was led to assist a young man, Axel, though why he did not know. It wasn't that he was forced, per se, rather that he felt it detrimental. Thus he did so, making haste in crafting a blade of Songsteel. Yet as he was readying to attach a hilt, the man he was to aid came forth and requested otherwise.

Axel requested that he would be able to Imbue the blade with his presence, to make it bound to his body. When he is using it, and wishing it, he can make the aura of a Force Imbued blade to be able to cut with much high ease. Alongside this effect came a second, one that causes a stunning shock when attempt to use it is met, one that is not Axel himsel. Fos even found himself shocked mid craft.

With this blade he added a crystal designed to appear a skull, then they sheathed it in a circular casing. This led Axel toward making another request: he wished to have a cane made for scabbard, one that if necessary could double in length. All that is required is a certain combination be met along three similarly designed rings around the shaft. This was agreed to, with the rest being made of Songsteel as well.

Primary Source: n/a
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