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Approved Tech EX-01 'Bellona' Power Suit

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Zahori Denko


  • Intent: Personal armor for Losena Kyru
  • Image Source: GunshipRevolution
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:
    Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
  • Kinetic: Moderate
  • Lightsabers: Very High
  • Other:
    ​EMP/ION: Very High
  • Sonic: High


  • ​Hybrid plexisteel cuirass
  • Force-Imbued TYI flex-armor body glove
    ​Lightsaber resistance

[*]​Polarizing field insulation
[*]​Gas Binder
[*]Thermal Gel
[*]Mesh underlay
[*]Heating System
[*]Pressure Breach Sealing Foam
[*]Emergency Oxygen Tank (20 min supply)
[*]Sound dampening belt
[*]Electrical Capacitance Shield
[*]Arkanian Energy Shield
[*]Jump servos
[*]Magnetic soles

  • Multipurpose: This suit of armor provides protection against many types of damage thanks to the use of strong materials and force imbuement.
  • Electrical Interference: While this armor provides protection against EMP/Ion damage, a strong enough electrical charge can knock out/overload the armor's systems.
  • Beacon: The extensive systems built within the suit make it an easy sight for sensors to spot.
  • Punching Bag: The armor provides no protection from blunt weaponry or martial attacks.

A soldier is only as good as the gear she carries.

Losena aims to be the best with the X-01 Power suit. This suit of armor aims to be multifunctional, providing ultimate protection in a comfortable, form-fitting suit of armor. Losena had the armor made from several lightweight armor materials she had encountered in her past excursions. Hybrid plexisteel, a metal known for its light weight and high resistance to blasters, and Spidersilk Elastex, a fabric made by the Arcenau Trade Company that is both flexible, comfortable, and highly resilient to both blasters and vibroblades.

The X-01's main strength is that the suit is imbued with the Force. Losena, being a Gray Paladin and forsaking using the Force to accomplish great feats such as imbuing items, had to enlist the help of a Jal Shey Mentor. With his help, Losena's armor was gifted the ability to resist damage from lightsabers while also increasing the armor's other resistances. The final product is a suit of armor that offers amazing coverage while also not hindering Losena's movement or agility.


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[member="Losena Kyru"]

Losena Kyru said:
Manufacturer: Losena Kyru
I am aware this is for the very character you are posting, for ease hyperlink it to the character.

Losena Kyru said:
Kinetic: Very High

Losena Kyru said:
EMP/ION: Very High
Looking over everything given, these would be better suited for 'High'.
Zahori Denko
[member="Raiz Australis"] Linked myself.

I can understand the kinetic part, but not the second one. When I have this and this which protects against both very effectively, I can only see Very High being suitable here.


Self-Imposed Exiled
[member="Losena Kyru"]

Apologies, I must of over looked those two pieces- With kinetic change it to 'High', and then everything will be fine.
[member="Losena Kyru"] | [member="Raiz Australis"]

Going to need balancing weaknesses or adjustments to ratings somewhere to balance this out. Everything is slated high or above, and the armor is light whilst kitted with all kinds of tech gear.
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