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Everything has its Season

The force embodies all and everything. It is life. It is fate. It is the very fabric of creation. It is in all things, all actions, all peoples, all places. They interconnect with the web of the force in ways beyond comprehension within the mortal shell. Danuae knows this well. Yet, change was an inevitability and Danuae's time in communion with the force has its end. It was a gentle nudge. That was all it took for the Healer to begin questing in the force of whom will receive her message.

At first she found nothing familiar and sent out through the mysterious threads a general inquiry. This process takes a lot of strength as she looks down at her body in stasis to do what the force bid her to do.

“Jedi, Hear me. Find me. “ It was a displaced and echoed voice in the light of the force. It would fade in and out for a few moments till one more word was pushed through. “Naboo.” The gentle throbbing barely perceptible beacon pulsed like a stranded ships distress call.

Danuae, even in spirit found this tiring and the strength in the force seemed to be greater than within a body. Yet the flesh could be made as iron in the opinions of some. Be that as it may, she rested a few hours before she attempted to reach out again. Was there truly no one that was left from the old guard?

Her essence reached as far as she dared, touching one thread, then another. Following those threads, to feel them out. How long she was at this? It was hard to say, but finally there was a blip or a throb of a familiar essence, very familiar. She thought he was gone to the force as she couldn't sense him at all? Danuae's essence grew more excited as the throb became stronger. It became like a beacon. The Healer summoned as much strength as she dared.

There is a shimmer of white light. Like a shaft of light from the force that came down to shine away the darkness. A familiar image would appear as she looked around the room and saw him. Garith Darkhold JR was laying there in a strange bed but it didn't matter. Though it is easier with someone you know, this was going to sap a lot of reserves from the little lady.

“Master Garith.. “ Came the disembodied voice. Her essence might be so gentle as to not alarm the master Jedi. “Master Garith.. Its me Danuae. “

Rather he was awake or was already awake from sensing something, the peaceful Jedi did not waste any time. “Master Garith, I have very little time. I am using a lot of strength. Please, You must find my stasis pod. Naboo jungle, my terraced gardens at the ruins, beneath the top terrace. Bob is standing over the spot. In the force's urging, it is time for me to awaken. “

Master Garith should recall Bob was her old antiquated lifter droid she repaired and kept. The others wanted to decommission him but she found him totally useful and wouldnt allow it. The droid was completely loyal to the Healer.

[member="Garith Darkhold JR"] [member="Arisa Yune"]
There was only a soft golden hue enveloping, penetrating. There was no malice, no suffering just eternal warmth that comforted ones soul.
“Master Garith”…

The words brought Garith right out of his sleep. The transition between the sleep dream state and waking up was a bit startling for the Jedi Master. Remembering portions of the void was never easy. Even the more pleasant aspects of the void had left its mark.

Half awake and out of bed Garith stood in the room. Bare foot and only in pajama bottoms he heard the familiar voice again.

“Master Garith..Its me Danuae.”

Yes the Alderaan Prince knew that voice. It was his former Padawn [member="Danuae Verdegrande"][SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE]. It was obvious she was not in the room with him. Besides not seeing her physically in person the voice had called out through the Force.

“Master Garith, I have little time. I am using a lot of strength. Please, You must come find my stasis pod. Naboo jungle, my terraced gardens at the ruins, beneath the top terrace. Bob is standing over the spot. In the Force’s urging, it is time for me to awaken.”

The Kashi Jedi Master could sense Danuae’s strength diminishing. Through the Force he extended his presence. “Fear not Danuae”, Garith did not believe she was in Fear no one would come. He was just trying to extend his confidence to comfort her. “I am already here on Naboo and will be there shortly!”

Garith was already picking up clothing and taking off his pants. Rushing to get ready his thoughts momentarily drifted to yesterday. The Festival of Glad Arrival. Garith’s sister [member="Faith Organa"] had sent him to represent Alderaan. It was Faith who said because of history she considered the two worlds sister planets. She wanted [member="Jamie Pyne"] to know this and that Alderaan wishes to continue its long friendship with Naboo. It was her wish to convey that message…if it had or not remains to be seen, as that story has yet to play out.

Now fully dressed, Garith moved to the opened balcony door. Moving the balcony edge jumped up onto the railing, and then leaped off. Garith breathed deeply as he felt the rush of air around him. He did not plummet to the ground as one would expect. He took flight through the air. Little did he know there was a chance for him to meet another Jedi this night? [member="Arisa Yune"]
There was no small amount of relief felt from the force link. Feeling his presense again DID give her comfort. Garith may feel her presence recede as she returned back to her still form in the stasis pod. This gave her a chance to increase the force pulse a little bit. Danuae’s essence meditated as she had expended a great deal of strength. The brunette thought Garith had been lost. When she had decided to go into stasis was on that knowledge she could no longer find him or sense him. It was not that she gave up hope but she had to protect herself somehow against the spreading darkness till it waned enough for her to return.

Danuae’s terrace gardens was situated in the thick and forgotten recesses of Naboo jungle and forest. The closer Garith or anyone would get to the location of the force pulse, the thicker and larger the foliage started getting. The force pulse at times oddly sounded similar to a heartbeat. Thicker, more lush, heavily floral scent as more flowers increased in frequency. The steps to the beginning of the terrace is all but covered in foliage. The presense of the living force was thicker and very palpable as the soft hearbeat of the force pulse beat with the living force around the terrace.

The trees were incredibly tall with far reaching branches and roots that seemed to lean protectively over the terraced walk way that lead up to a ruined building. Vegetables and fruits that had given way to existed wildly were here and there in various states of ripeness. Harmless furried creature would scurry out of the way as they found this area to be safe, peaceful even. It would take a good bit to finally get to the top of the terrace and into what used to be Danuae’s open concept home.

She had taken a ruins and made something livable. There was Bob, an old lifter droid, standing there seemingly unmoving. The droid detecting movement tried to actually turn on but the initial power surge was short lived and the droid drooped down. The arm though was pointing at one stone right in front of him. The stone had a jedi carving on it.

[member="Arisa Yune"] [member="Garith Darkhold JR"]
Short Time Later…

It took Garith some time to fly here from the city. The long flight had taken some strength from the Jedi Master. In-effect it had felt like he ran a long distance. Up head Garith could see the ruins [member="Danuae Verdegrande"] spoke of. It was over grown and large trees had blocked direct flight into the structure.

Leaning downward Garith augmented his flight path. Coming closer to the ground his momentum slowed. He shifted his body again, his feet now pointed to the ground. With one flowing movement his feet touched the ground and he knelt down. It was a gentle landing and after wards he took a death breath. Garith then had taken a moment of meditation to revitalize his energy. He took a couple of minutes. He needed to take the time. He had flown here fast over a great distance.

After the brief rest the Jedi Master rose back to his feet. He was still trying to catch his breath so he opted to walk. Though coming to the walk way in front of the building, tree still blocked his path.

JR did not wish to harm the trees. He did think of one method he could use. Though it was a talent he was not accustomed to using. His brother Theo could do it easily. JR breathed deeply tapping into the part of his soul that was Kashi. While he reached out with his right hand JR attempted to what felt like a seconded language to him. His breaths were neither smooth nor flowed like a stream. He could breathe just fine but it felt as if he could not get enough air. A light greenish glow appeared around his right hand. He could feel it but scarcely.

The trees blocking the front door, the branches slightly shifted like a cool breeze touched the leaves. It was starting to work. Still JR needed more of something to make it work. He breathed extra deeply. He took in allot of air. He attempted to force his will upon the trees to make them move. The trees ripped right out of the ground, one to the left and another to the right. They flew right out into the jungle. Turning bright red JR could hardly believe what he just did. His intention was to save life and have the tree roots move. It would have been weird to see tree roots un-plant themselves and then try to replant themselves! The trees would have lived though. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. H e was still sad though.

Now with the path clear up to the doorway, JR pressed on. Still there was a lot of foliage in his way. There was no way a rounded it. JR waded through the brush and into the ruined structure. Once inside Bod tried to turn to look at JR. It half turned but then its movement stopped. ‘Empty power cells, maybe’, was JR’s best guess.

Moving closer JR could see the stone Bob was pointing at. Kneeling down JR inspected the stone. Bushes, dirt and time had covered most of the surface of the stone. Taking his hand JR easily cleaned the stone. Once cleared, he breathed a little easier now that he could see the Jedi symbol. The pod was underneath?
With haste, JR took a few steps back. This time he did not try a Kashi skill. JR reached out with his right hand and summoned the Force like a Jedi. Though clarity and tranquility, he felt the Force around him and through him. This method came far easier to the Jedi Master. As JR moved his hand clock wise, his telekinetic presence turned clock wise around the stasis pod. Once the telekinetic grip was safely secure around the pod, JR moved his left hand. The telekinetic push of his left hand moved the undergrowth and a good portion of the dirt. Pushed it away from where the top of the pod laid. Then he began to lift with his right. The pod safely was removed from its resting place. Then he slowly lowered in on the ground next to where it once laid.

Once on the ground the door to the pod began to open. Was it some type of feature? That was Garith thought. He was not a tech type person. Much of that type of stuff was a mystery to him. “Danuae”, JR called out as he moved over to the pod.

[member="Arisa Yune"]
The lush life of the over grown gardens and foliage pulsed with the living force the closer one gets to the top of the terrace. At the top of the terrace was the remains of Danuae’s humble abode. The broken hewn partial walls but solid ceiling spoke of the open concept of this shelter. It was the size of an efficiency one bedroom apartment in Coruscant. Vines for curtains, trees branching for archways, hanging flowering plants peeking in for attention of their sleeping mistress. There was a peace in this place.

The emblem pressed down with a gentle nudge of the force from Garith and then the stone parted ways, folded up and back as the floor gave up its prize. The dirt and foliage that tried to claim the space fell away as if a hand had dusted the surface clean The stasis pod rose like a proud monument, cold fog billowing out as the systems that kept her in stasis was still blinking its various statis lights amongst the console on the pod. The force Garith was employing helped the aged mechanism release its prize up to the surface of the top terrace home.

In calm repose, Danuae’s face could be seen in a barely clear part of the cold plasteel. Garith could hear a bit of a giggle. Once exposed, Danuae’s force presence settled into her body but not before two master release buttons were pushed. “Before I fully awaken, Master Garith. I will need Medical attention. Thank you, Master Garith.” Before the last was said, it started to fade as the presence settled back into the body properly as the pod automatically went through its awake and release procedures.

The slow exit of the substance that kept her in stasis enveloped the whole of the top in fog. The top seemed to be like some dramatic scene from a holovid horror drama. The pod opened to reveal the slight formed tiny girl who’s robes always had swallowed her. The form took a breath. Then a deeper one before those golden brown eyes opened. She knew her body was going to be atrophied but this felt like everything hurt to move. Hybernation sickness.

Her saber was at her waist and the staff was laid near her form. The Healing Holocron that seemed to call Danuae its keeper pulsed white slowly on top of her chest. It has taught her many things. A dainty hand reached out towards Garith that was bedecked with the thick full white robes of her calling. She tried to speak but her throat wasn’t working. Everything was either shades of dark or a blur.

[member="Garith Organa"]
With the escalating situation Garith had to think quickly. He was not a healer. [member="Danuae Verdegrande"] was going to need medical attention stat. He could give her some of his own life energy but she would still need to get to the hospital quickly after that. If he healed her then he would not have the energy he would need to get her back to the hospital.

He also used a lot of energy just to get here. “There is only one other option”, Garith said while picking up Danaue. The force fluctuated around Garith. Time shifted and the space around him and Danaue became blurred. A pop sounded within the air and then they were gone from the spot they were at in the garden.
The appeared in a brightly lit room, people that were shuffling about stopped in surprise. It was a hospital in Theeds city. With his energy near depleted Garith legs began to buckle. His last actions before passing out, he fell backwards so Danaue would safely fall upon him.

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