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Everyone Needs a Friend

Saga Runfridh

The Pactolus was orbiting the entirely uninviting planet of Pergitor where Saga was making arrangements to have a recently ordered shipment of raw materials shipped up to her when a blip had come in through the Runeworks official comm channel. Apparently someone wanted to contract her, and they were in the neighborhood. Why anyone would willingly choose to be in the backwater was beyond her.

Her case was different of course. She was getting higher quality, purer materials than one could easily obtain in the core worlds and at a fraction of the price precisely because no one wanted to come out here. Without transportation costs tacked on, the locals were probably making more credits off of her than they would have otherwise even after she'd haggled them down from their quite frankly insulting initial offer. Why anyone else would be out here, who knew. Perhaps they were terrible pilots and had gotten lost and were now hoping for a decent astromech droid to get them back into the tamer parts of the galaxy.

With a slight smirk, she opened the message. Not an astromech droid apparently. Something much more interesting. Sagas mind was already racing ahead, working out if what he wanted was possible, definitely, and what he'd not listed but would need. Though of course additions would up the price, so it would need to be established if he had the credit. Still, it had been a while since she'd had the chance to make a custom droid for anyone but herself and she did enjoy it. Droids were good company, all you had to do was program them with basic manners and they never made a bother of themselves, unlike most people.

She nodded to herself, decision made, and sent back a quick message

Mr Skirata,

Due to some of the requested custom components, particularly the aesthetics, more of your droid will need to be shaped by hand rather than from pre-frabricated parts. It will take two standard days to complete your order, primarily to give the paint a chance to dry. Please find attached the correct codes to request docking clearance with the Pactolus at that time, I await your visit.


Really all the codes did was alert her own droids that the approaching ship was an invited guest and had them making the process easier than it would be if someone decided to board uninvited. Plus then he'd find himself met by a protocol droid and taken to wherever she happened to be with a beverage rather than being met by a security droid with a blaster. It was the little things that made clients feel valued.

[member="Davin Skirata"]
Judge, Jury, and Executioner
Davin's shuttle dropped out of hyperspace in Pergitor's orbit several hours before he was supposed to meet with the tinkerer. He always got to places early, partly to make sure it wasn't a trap and partly because Hyperspace was unpredictable and if he had to fly around an entire planet to get to someone then he needed the extra time. Today though, it looked as if he happened to drop on the same side as the tinkerer. Her massive star yacht sat floating in the warm embrace of the sun.

The Mandalorian sighed and kicked his feet off the dashboard to bring his ship in to dock with Saga's. It seemed like she was expecting him even though he was a little early as a protocol droid of a make he had never seen before greeted him and brought him to Saga. The halls of the yacht were beautiful, though some places you could tell that a tinkerer, not a woman of massive luxuries, lived on this ship.

He wondered how she was gonna take him not having the credits.

[member="Saga Runfridh"]