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Events and Changes


Rainbow Smurf
Another month has gone by and still the dust hasn't settled both IC and OOC. Mostly OOC though.

My board event had been approved and work is well under way for it to go live on June 6th (7th for those living in the future). I was kind of surprised that I am the sole CSA member working on it, but hopefully I won't be the only CSA member taking part. Fingers crossed.

The character of Veiere is being merged with Caedyn, so don't worry, we aren't losing an admin. The account is just being changed. It will be odd to look back at old threads and see Caedyn there instead of Veiere however >.<

We've gained a new Minister of Foreign Affairs! But sadly our Head of the Naval fleet has been killed. So once again our military curse has lived on with those that take up the post being killed off.

Let's hope that May can end on a high note :)
[member="Lady Kay"]

Fastest account merge ever...

Veiere's account has been merged with my OOC account [member=WolfMortum], but regardless yes I'm still playing Admin for the Systems Alliance! Veiere Arenais has gone into exile (In-Character) and is nowhere to be found since his last visit to Queen Arenais!

Now in his absence, the family has to move forward and try to recover from Veiere's downfall, while helping to ensure the safety and smooth running of the CSA!