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Et tu, Brute?

IT-0001 Brutus

NAME: IT-0001 "Brutus"
FACTION: Paecian Empire
RANK: Trooper
SPECIES: Human Template, Prime Clone Unknown
AGE: 20
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6' (183 cm)
WEIGHT: 175 pounds (79 kg)
EYES: Dark Purple
HAIR: Jet Black
SKIN: Tanned Olive


+ Strong Core Military Skills: Ability to handle and utilize most types of weaponry without deficiency, specializing in blaster technology. Highly skilled Marksman and extensive knowledge about tactics.
+ Immense Endurance and Ability to Survive: Experienced with traversing and surviving in almost all environments, and is able to withstand an immense amount of physical and mental duress.
+ Independent Thinking: Brutus's mind was unaltered during the cloning process, and thus maintains independent thought and reasoning.
- Excess Pride: As the first of all of the Paecian Empire's troopers, Brutus maintains an excess amount of pride and only holds respect for the those truly capable of leadership. He is not afraid of directly criticizing anyone, including his commanding officers, making him prone to insubordination.
- Unknown Prime Clone: No one really knows who the prime clone of Brutus is...and thus, there is a possibility that Brutus may develop previously unknown abnormalities in the future. However, at the moment, Brutus is performing superbly, and perhaps, better than the rest of the Imperial Troopers.

The appearance of Brutus's face is unknown, as it is constantly covered with his helmet and is supposedly covered in a black tribal tattoo of unknown origin. He has an extremely well-built and toned muscular body, and the tribal tattoo of his face descends down and covers his right chest and his right arm. The nature of these tattoos is unknown, but interestingly, to masters of the Force, a dark miasma of Force constantly surrounds Brutus. His skin is a tanned olive, and he supposedly has complementary jet black hair and dark purple irises.

BIOGRAPHY: (note, very simplified biography that was thrown together)
Brutus was conceived in the cloning chambers of the Paecian Empire, unaltered and unchanged from his Prime Clone. One of the conditions for allowing the Prime Clone to be cloned was the complete concealment of his face. No one really knows why this was the case, but extensive measures were taken to fulfill this. Brutus was trained by droids, which were commanded by Ciara. Vicariously trained by Ciara in the art of warfare, Brutus was brutally drilled until the age of 10, in which 800 more clones, of altered physical appearance and accelerated growth, continued to be trained until both the clones and Brutus reached physical maturity. At this point, Brutus had full command over the 800 clones, which was divided in a standard military structure, and quickly enlisted into full-time service of the Paecian Empire.