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Escape! From brain worms!


System Reboot

The sirens of death rang loudly through the large frieght ship. It had been struck by something, something big. passengers ran frantically through the halls as it rocked violently. The ship lurched as if a meteor had struck it. People screamed in terror as a tiny horror emerged from the vents. A rotting purple Gizka, it moved in very twitchlike increments. It shuttered and twitched as it looked for a target. It hisses at a crewman. At first he looked as if he may laugh but that was short lived as about 6 more crawled through the vents and began t gnaw at his flesh falling down a trickle of blood rolls down the hallway. slowly they chewed at him until one stood atop his chest and gave him a nasty kiss. A large worm forced from its gut into the man slowly crawled into his body. The man lurched and tossed as he began to transform into a zombified state. More of the tiny pests poured out from the vents.

The lights flashed on and off as a boy laid trapped under a heavy crate. his head hurt and he had no idea where he was. he could hear screaming coming from outside..."everybody to the escape pods!" he could hear a man yell from just outside. "Escape pods?" he thought."im on a ship?" his vision hazed. "am...I going to die?" he felt nervous and scared he pushed as hard as he could and removed the crate from on top of himself. The boys head pounded as he crawled out from under the debris. Grasping at his head he tried to calm himself down. The screaming going on around him paired with the unsteady ground made it hard to focus on who he was and how he was going to get out of this place.