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Character Eryneth

Name: Eryneth

Faction: The Dark Hand, CIS

Rank: Apprentice

Species: Codru-Ji

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: White

Skin Colour: Caucasian

Force Sensitive: Yes


Loyal to and protective of Drauchir to a great degree as he was the one that raised her from a Wyrwulf pup. She takes this guarding of him as something she needs to do and would die for him if the need arose. Even though she has her own mind and thoughts, Eryneth feels he is master and will do whatever he wants or needs to be done. Overall, she is rather amoral about things and does what is needed. Eryneth has no formal training in the Force, but has some natural aptitude to the skills in hiding and being stealthy.


+ Keener Senses: Due to her training and certain modifications, Eryneth has heightened senses above those of a regular person. She can hear over longer distances and has better than normal night vision.

+ Tracking: As a master hunter, Eryneth is skilled in the art of tracking a person or animal based on the tracks they leave. Due to her race, she had senses that allow her to scan the area around her.

+ Weapons Proficiency: While still in training, Eryneth is still lethal with the Two-Handed RuneBlade that she carries around. Due to having four arms, she can wield four weapons.

+Tough Skin: Her skin is stronger than that of a normal human and allows her to take rather harder hit than they could.


- Technologically Illiterate: Technology was extremely scarce on Eregion. So much so, it was restricted to the Sorcerers and Sorceresses of her homeworld. As such, Eryneth can't really operate any sort of technology quite like most people. Although she has had slightly more exposure to it than Drauchir, much of it still escapes her.

- Force Limitation: Eryneth is currently incapable of using the Force in any way beyond the use of the Runes and Rune Blade she owns. (No longer in possession of the blade.)

- Amoral: She is an amoral person and doesn't have any strong feelings on right or wrong.

- Xenophobic: This is a racial trait and Eryneth is slightly xenophobic.

- Sensory Overload: With her enhanced senses, she can become overloaded if there is too much sound and light around her. When this happens, she needs to leave the area until she regains control of herself and can not reenter the area.


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