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Spirit of the Shadow Guard

Neivon taken a shuttle down to Atzerri from one of its many spaceports. As he made his way down into the Planet's Capital, Talos; he had become bombarded with vendors offering to sell their goods and wares to the Bounty Hunter. Seemed his Beskar'gam appearance didn't put the locals off. In fact, Neivon was noticing they seemed too infatuated with selling him stuff in-comparison with others. In a fit of frustration, Neivon pulled out his C-300 blaster pistol.

"I'm busy here, try selling to me again and you might find a blaster bolt going through your skull," He threatened. His hardships (mainly Six-Eyes) had made him a bit more sour mouth than what he was practically used to; at least in terms of impulsive action, but he knew it was necessary for con-artists like these guys. Even with all the open day theivery, tourists still came here. And with that thought, Neivon spotted a couple looking around in awe of the planet. It was an entertainment corner, and the couple looked liked easy prey for others.

Neivon swiveled himself around as he headed to his destination which Six-Eyes told him of. It wasn't his problem if their stuff gets stolen; but made a contract out of it and Neivon might just do it. Doing things out of goodwill just wasn't life anymore. At least for the Bounty Hunter. Too many a time he got in deep poodoo following his heart. Now he has a Dashade sharing it and no way of letting them out.

Neivon pasted through the gilded swept corners, ignoring booths and stands around which were trying to sell him stuff, stuff he would definitely have no use for. Six-Eyes had told him to meet at Club Keruyi. He told him the matter was of upmost important. But then why would they meet at a friggin Cantina and not just Six-Eye's own damn ship. Neivon cursed to himself, having to experience troubling things to get to his employer. Holding out a holomap, Neivon followed the inconsistency wave of information on the screen as it constantly changed based on his location. It would truly be easier to just take a taxi or rocket there, but Neivon was a bit tight on fuel; and money.


Spirit of the Shadow Guard
As Neivon pushed through the worst of the vendors, relief washed across his masked face having spotted the flashy green and purple neons of Club Keruyi. As the merc was about to enter the place, he was suddenly pushed aside as what appeared to be a bouncer hulling out what seemed to be a drunk customer.

"Hey, you can't do this to me, I'm a paying customer!" They shouted, their accent coming off as a bit thick.

"Not my problem," The bouncer said, blocking the way from the drunk from entering. Neivon was tight on time and didn't wanted it wasted on a drunkie.

"Mind making room for me to get inside?" Neivon said. Wasn't the most polite thing from his mouth, but it was kind of the fault of his employer to begin with. The bouncer noticed Neivon, apologizing as he made room for the Merc to enter with one hand while blocking the way for the drunkard with the other.

As Neivon motioned around the place, one thing was certainly obvious. Compared to other clubs the place had quite the amount of dancers. No wonder Six-Eyes wanted to meet here if it was gonna be at a Cantina. The damn Nautolan probably wanted friggin' entertainment. It did piss Neivon off a bit. No matter how good looking the girls were. Drunkie outside probably tried touchin' one. The merc looked around, spotting Nautolan over at one of the private areas a far. Good place to not be spoken to, but still vulnerable to others wanting to speak. He only hoped the Nautolan had somewhere else if this was truly a private matter. To be honest, Neivon just wanted to get out away from the people in here. Guy outside didn't seem to be any different than the others which his eyes were seeing. Neivon made his way to Six-Eyes, sitting down at the two-person table which lacked the room for his to motion his left arm without it hitting the damn wall.

"Well Six-Eyes, I'm here, so what's it you want?" Neivon questioned. The Nautolan didn't respond though, staring a bit too much at the dancers. Neivon raised his voice a bit more, "Six-Eyes?" He tapped the table, hoping not to draw too much attention to the noise he was making. The Nautolan suddenly reacted, fluttering his eyes as if he hadn't blinked for a year.

"Oh. Neivon, I was just..."

"Ladies look nice I know, but they can't be that enamoring,"

"You're were a mandalorian, ya just don't know real entertainment when its in front of you," The Nautolan motioned with his hands around the place, a small smile appearing.

"Ya; ok, I got this crystal you requested me to get for you," Neivon had taken off his helmet at this point, taking out his glasses as he fitted them on his face. His black hair was a bit rugged and there were traces of soot upon his reddish brown skin that likely got through his helmet onto his face on his last run. He pulled out a light blue crystal from when his run on Jedha, handing it to the Nautolan.

"Ya, alright, come, let's go to my ship," The Nautolan said, standing as to beckon Neivon to follow. The Merc, putting his helmet back on as to follow.


Spirit of the Shadow Guard
Six-Eye's ship seemed to have gotten... messier than the last time Neivon was hear. Chunks of metal was all other the ground, holo pictures of people were crossed out. A worktable seemed to have a bunch of tools covering a burnt surface. Just what the hell was Six-Eyes doing? Neivon could help but think. There's was no indication of a battle. No blaster burns or anything. The holo-terminal seemed to have been left on, showing nothing in its waving form as it continuously blinked in and out of its blue light.

"So, uh, what was going on here?" Neivon asked. Taking off most of his gear and placing them somewhere to try and get comfortable.

"You know of those crystals you've been getting me? Well I've been using them in a modified blaster to shoot them at a piece of metal," Neivon knew the Nautolan was messing with him. He wouldn't have asked of him to do all those tasks for something like that. Six-Eyes frowned at Neivon's face of doubt. "You, know, I'm not joking." The Nautolan went further into his ship, bringing back a blaster that had seen better days. Corrosion was settling in, and whatever heat it had at its exhaust port was blackening the silver color. Six-Eyes put the crystal into it before shooting at a thin piece of metal on a wall.

"Are you seriously trying to push the joke?" Neivon questioned, but the Nautolan's face showed otherwise. "Oh damn, you're serious," Six-Eyes motioned to the wall, banging on the metal. And here Neivon thought he just wanted to make him angry, but now, he did. The mercenary was remembering all those things Six-Eyes made him do for crystals. A look of murder was growing on his face.

"Took me a while to find a good enough alloy for you," Six-Eyes hastily said. "You're a merc now, ya can't simply go around in that beskar stuff. Not to mention the weight of it," Six-Eyes stated. Neivon knew of the severity of his movements. Even in his time training under the Shadow Guard; he still was really slow in comparison to them and lost many bouts. Even now out in the world and underworld, he always would go back to his blaster and rockets. And not simply due to it being of habit. He chose to hone more into the combative styles of his Clan and as a former Mandalorian-In-Honor. And that push went even farther as he learned about the Dashade inhabiting him through the force or whatever; practically making his force resistant to an extent.

"Well Neivon ol' pal, I just got the thing for you. I got a contact of mind on hold that's gonna make you a pair of armor thats lighter than that beskar-stuff you have on," Six-Eyes chattered.

"You're not planning to sell it are you?" The armor was a piece of history for him. Of being accepted into Clan Kaisonuor and coming to learn through. The armor itself was what his potential brother-in-law would've warn as he never actually completed the initiation and only prepped for it. But now the majority of the Clan is dead. And his cowardly actions have made him unable to go back to face them. And faintly shook his head, trying to not recall too much of that day.

"Oh course not! Unless, of course, you'll let me," He paused, waiting for Neivon to respond, but the merc only stared at him dead in the eyes. "Anyways, that's besides the point. Let's get this ship going. We're gonna be taking your measurements,"


Spirit of the Shadow Guard
As the ship throttled and left Atzerri, Neivon found himself without much to do. He could check on his equipment, but by now that was... sort of useless. He instead walked down into Six-Eye's training room, strapping his lightsaber pike onto his back. Seeing a familiar hunk of metal strapped to one of the dummies with blaster shots on it. Unlike the one in the main quarters, however, there were blackened blaster markings on it. Neivon began to assume many of the other pieces of metal that were lying on the floor were previously rejected. Neivon pushed the dummy out of the way as he strode to prep himself in the middle. Pulling the lightsaber pike out, un-ignited. Holding it in one of the familiar stances he had learned from his artifact.

Reminded of such, he sheathed the pike, taking out the artifact he had once uncovered moons ago and pressed a button causing a holoscreen to appear. It was a training holovid. Neivon stepped back onto the training ground, unsheathing his lightsaber pike before copying the moves on the holovid as accurately as he could from experience and memory. The last time he had even used a pike unamored was during his training on the planet Yn where he had finally found the Shadow Guard and learned of their ways.

The lost of weight from his armor was astounding and Neivon found he could do some of the maneuvers he assumed he was weak in without much issue. It seemed the beskar'gam really did hold him back. He still couldn't help but feel a twinge of pain in his chest at the possibility that he would have to leave it behind one day. Maybe he really should get a ship, by then he could just display it there as a momento. Or. Neivon hesitated. Or he could return to his clan and bring it where it rightfully belonged. The latter seemed more painful to him, even if it was perhaps the best decision for him.

What's this? Is the human feeling sad? The Dashade in his voice said. It nearly threw Neivon off. For so long since his passing of the Shadow Guard's initiation, the alien had been silent. But now, it decides to raise a voice.

"Why speak to me now?" Neivon asked.

Because I'm becoming impatient with you. When will we hunt force-users? When will we bring them to our knees? Oh ya, Neivon realized that all the times the Dashade had awakened had been in the presense of force-users. Any other time, Neivon had been the one in control. Maybe that's the trigger? Either way, he was going to need to find a way to control the being, or free him from his mind.

Feeling the vibrations of the ship as it enters hyperspace, Neivon shut off his lightsaber, sheathing it as he retrieved his artifact. He strode back into the main room. Sitting back down as to relax.

"Well Neivon," Six-Eyes call out over holospeaker, "Welcome to Onderon; we'll be finding out little metalsmith friend out on this planet."

Onderon, eh? Last time he was in this part of the Galaxy was on the Dxun moon. He hoped he wouldn't have to run into anymore Mandalorians.


Spirit of the Shadow Guard

Iziz was a walled city. Many of Onderon's hotspots were protected with a military specialized in dealing with the planet's wildlife. You'd think such danger would detract people, but many, were attracted to it. They were thrill-seekers. Almost like Neivon, but even more reckless. Many came to fly in the low hovering craft to see what made the wildlife more dangerous. Others came to learn of the city's hunter culture as well as exchange goods and services. Something else that was painstakingly obvious of the this, was its lack of non-human species. For once, Six-Eyes stood out like a sore thumb. From all those times of Neivon striding around in Mandalorian armor among common thugs was now the equivalent with the Nautolan's casual clothing among the more neatness of the tourist and military alike. Neivon was no different, but his outfit was militant in nature, as it was given to him to train among the descendants of the Shadow Guard.

The stares of people didn't break a sweat as many looked and muttered behind Six-Eyes's back. Neivon was to assume they were also talking about him mainly due to the fact that he's traveling with the Nautolan. Neivon was going to imply he could shoot any of them, but went against it as to deal with the Paladins and such here. It was already difficult enough to get by the customs officers on this planet considering how stringent they have it against people. It being even more so difficult for Six-Eyes to get past due to their xenophobic views.

Six-Eyes led the charge as they motioned into a large area. There's was a white ornate-ness about the place, but then it severely contrasted as they went into to find very dark grays amongst the walls. Clutters of metals were arranged upon racks. They were in a forge, and a large on at that. A man was overlooking many others at the forge as they smash metal, bending it into a desirable shape.

"C'mon boys, you must learn to produce big while making sure there's no impurities in the metals if ya want to make it big like me!" The man chuckled. He was quite loud. As Neivon and Six-Eyes entered, he looked up, shouting at what were perhaps apprentices to continue before he motioned over. "Six-Eyes! Been a while, who's your friend?"

"This is Neivon," The Nautolan smiled. "He's who you'll be making that interesting alloy mix for, Jhenno."

"Neivon, eh? Well come on in, come on in. I'll get to ya shortly. Ya can have a look around if ya want while I bend these boys into shape."

Neivon stared about the place. Not much to exactly look at. There were miscellaneous components and molds for armor and weapons alike. And of course, the molds for blasters far outweighed ones for melee. It was simply more profitable especially for large production. It definitely meant this odd order of Six-Eyes was gonna be quite pricey.

"No need to worry Neivon," The Nautolan boasted, reading the Merc like an open book. "That collection of crystals ya got me was for a buyer who was looking to complete such a thing for a hefty price. Came to me personally, knowing we'll be able to finish it. Holo'd him in and sent that last one ya got me. Thought I might as well some of the creds to get you some new armor, eh?" Was that the actual reasons for the crystals? Neivon thought they were shooting at a metal. Bah, he doesn't know. And it seemed this armor thing is gonna be his cut of it.

The metalsmith returned after what seemed more hours of shouting at his workers. He motioned Six-Eyes and Neivon towards a smaller room. It was also a forge but also... an office? Seemed this man truly was addicted to metalsmithing. Neivon hoped this was a good thing rather than a bad one.

"Since Six-Eyes already gave me such interesting plans, all I need now are your measurements and then I can get to forging." The Metalsmith pulled out a scanner. "Just going to need you to stand nice and straight," Neivon did as requested as a swinging blue glow flipped over his body. A beep was heard as the device stopped scanning him. "Alright, this is going to take awhile with the materials. Gonna need Six-Eyes to stay here to help with his 'idea'."

The Nautolan smiled. "I don't mind, your planet doesn't seem very welcoming of my kind anyways,"

With not much else to do, Neivon informed the two he'll step outside and to call him on his comms when the thing's ready. Maybe he'll go hunting. Not exactly equipped for it though. Not much of a cantina guy either. Bah, he'll figure it out.


Spirit of the Shadow Guard
Neivon wandered around aimlessly. He did decide to eat lunch in a restaurant, but that was practically. Fighting too much has made him unable to find anything fun about the city. Maybe he should go into a cantina. Neivon immediately shook his head. It was a stupid thought. People were staring at him, no doubt since he stopped and shook his face. Neivon pressed on, trying to find a Cantina. He needed a place to think, stopping in the middle of the street was not an option. Spotting a place, he quickly shuffled inside. He sat at one of the back tables, hoping to not draw attention. The place was already nearly full. It came to luck when he found a single table with a single chair. Least that's what he though when in someone was standing over offering the seat. Neivon couldn't deny such hospitality. That was a joke, he wearily sat down. But nothing happened. He turned to thank the man, watching as they were physically getting one of the few aliens in this city to get out of their seat. So much for nice folks.

Neivon was using the time to ponder his next move. He didn't want to do another errand for Six-Eyes. He was going to join the Bounty Hunter's guild. He will no longer become just a mercenary. He was tired of fetch quests and errands. There's also the need for him to go back to Yn and sharpen his skills in his new armor. And finally, there's the issue with the god damn Dashade in his head. He was lucky they didn't share each other's thoughts. But that might also be cause for concern for knowing their true intentions. So many issues he was going to need to solve. There truly was no time for him to sit around.

Neivon simply sat and drank, he ordered something light as he couldn't leave his guard down. Not so much for enemies but for the thing in his head. He stared into space, past the dancers; who were surprisingly human. Guess this place hated aliens so much, they tried to keep them out of all aspects of their society and make it a hell for them to live. Nothing Neivon could do about it though. Or care for.

Days past and Neivon rented a place to stay for the couple of nights. He eventually went back to the hangar for his gear and asked to go outside in Onderon's wilderness. Took a while to get everything check by the customs officer, but Neivon wanted to do some hunting. The guards and paladins were a bit hesitant when he came up to the walls, but upon spotting the familiar insignia engraved on Neivon's gear made them change their minds real fast. As if that meant anything to him. He hoped for something dangerous to lighten himself. He spent several days in the jungles, eating rations and finding nothing but herbivores and some reptavians. Although some were impressive, nothing Neivon hoped for. Unlike Dxun, everything seemed tamer in scale. Which wasn't too far considering how literally none of these animals seemed to have force abilities. Just when Neivon was beginning to give up, he finally got a holo call after 3 weeks. About damn time. He thought to himself.