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Eostre Lindberg

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well? What do my eyes say about me?


FACTION: The Iron Empire
RANK: Iron Empire Representative

  • Iron Wrath Industries Representative
  • Iron Fury Industries Representative
SPECIES: Human Replica Droid.
AGE: Unknown. Appearance wise varies depending on her body.
SEX: Female programming.
HEIGHT: Varies. Current body - 170cm.
WEIGHT: Varies.
EYES: Varies. Current body - blue.
HAIR: Varies. Current body - red.
SKIN: Varies. Current body - pale.


[ + ] Almost indistinguishable from humans - Designed to look like a human and even bleed like one, Eostre can fool even high-quality medical scanners with her bodies.
[ + ] Force dead - As a droid, she has immunity to mind-altering Force powers and the like.

[ + / - ] Programmed loyalty and obedience - Upon accepting her position in the Iron Empire, Eostre agreed to the installation of software that prevents her betrayal of the faction and ensures that she only acts in the faction's best interest as a precaution.

[ - ] Not designed for combat - Lacking combat programming, Eostre lacks combat abilities beyond what a normal civilian is capable of.
[ - ] Susceptible to EMP and ion weaponry - Like most if not all droids, Eostre can be disabled by EMP and ion weaponry.


Little is known about Eostre's history aside from her obsession with acquiring more droid bodies to transfer her consciousness into and her hunger for money in order to do so.

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