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Purple Haze
NAME: Frida Zambrano
FACTION: Sith Empire
RANK: Apprentice
SPECIES: Epicanthix
AGE: 53, Appearance wise: Late Twenties.
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 58kg
EYES: Amber
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Pale Caucasian


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Superior Mind: Frida is an exceedingly wise individual, spending much of her time listening and observing to better understand a situation.

+ Epicanthix Traits: Frida is blessed with inherent longevity and unbreakable mental barriers.
+ Force Affinity: Frida has a very strong connection with the Force, on more than just a usage level.
+ Illusionary Force: Frida trained alongside the Fallanassi in the way of the White Current, making illusions a forte of hers.
- Fractured Mentality: Due to a splintered past, and a large Flashburn, Frida's mind is rather fractured.

- Weakened Body: Having spent most of her time focusing on manipulation and Force studies, Frida is lacking in the physical aspects of her training.
- Missing Memories: Frida is missing almost ten years of her memory, due to a Flashburn.
- Social Anomaly: Frida is out of place in social situations, preferring to watch and listen rather than participate and talk.

Veratus-Class Imperial Shuttle co-piloted by HK-26

Born upon Thyferra, Frida was the first born child of Xavius and Erexia Zambrano, and elder sister of @Kaine Zambrano Her Force sensitivity was discovered upon birth, as would be expected, and she was found to have a high midi-chlorian count, even more so than your average Force Sensitive, and thus her upbringing was tailored towards such. She was not the son they had wanted, and so she was expected to bring honour to the family name another way. Frida was raised to be a Sith, and yet she rejected it during her early years. Removing herself from the family estate, and Thyferra as a whole, the then-thirteen year old tried to make her own way in life, away from the expectations and ideals she was made to uphold.

And yet things did not quite go to plan. Frida suffered gravely away from her home, from all she knew, and in the end she found herself a new 'community' to be apart of, to replace that which she had left behind. For twenty years she studied under the Fallanassi on Pydyr, working under the White Current. There she expanded her knowledge of the Force, yet never past an illusionary level. Yet it was not to last, and the young Epicanthix once again left her 'family' in search of something more. The next ten years of Frida's life are unknown. All that can be said for certain is that she suffered grave trauma which caused her to trigger an effect known as a flashburn. More than just this, Frida disappeared off the radar completely during these ten years, and finally appeared on Corellia in a dazed and confused state.

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