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Approved Tech Eol Sha Fireworm Armor

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Velok the Younger

When I Was A Young Warthog
Intent: To create a semi-unique suit of formal armor for a subset of loyal Fringers.
Development Thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/14447-eol-sha-dragonheart-lords-of-the-fringe/ (40 posts)
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Productions, Endor alchemy division
Model: Redscale Mark 1
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe, individual
Modularity: Each scale can be carefully removed and replaced.
Production: Minor
Material: Eol Sha fireworm scales, duraplast
Description: A quiet venture to a forgotten world in Sith Empire space resulted in a hunting expedition through lava flows and volcanic terrain, as Fringe treasure hunters and alchemists attempted to capture or kill the elusive Eol Sha fireworms. A tithe of scales was given to the Sith Empire in exchange for the privilege of hunting on Eol Sha. Like the fireworm, the scaled armor can withstand energy up to and including a direct hit from a lightsabre. Also like the fireworm, the armor's wearer will find that scales crack and even shatter at the location of the hit, and a second strike in the same location will probably cut through the scales.

As a result, Eol Sha fireworm armor is probably the most balanced possible anti-lightsabre armor, requiring a high degree of preparedness and thought from those who use it. Each scale is rimmed and backed in a tough, low-profile duraplast fitting for ease of replacement, but after enough battles the Fringe's supply of excess scales will run out, requiring further expeditions.

The number of suits created is seven, one each for Ashin Varanin, @[member="Circe Savan"], Shinju Ayasha, @[member="Dharma Vessia"], @[member="Morna Imura"], @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] and @[member="Sargon Vynea"]. Though Sargon ultimately left Eol Sha without a share of scales after sparing a fireworm's life, the Sith Apprentice Kayla Zorg obtained a full share of the scales before her disappearance, and Rave Merrill fashioned the rogue Apprentice's share into a suit for Sargon. As such, the only seven suits of this armor (which is significantly inferior to most anti-lightsabre armor in basically every way) are owned by three members of the Fringe's ruling council and four other Masters. No further suits will ever be constructed from the excess scales, and the suits are custom-fitted and difficult to transfer from one wearer to another without extensive craftsmanship.

This is not a front-line, multi-purpose suit of armor. It is best suited for formal occasions, affairs of state, and duelling.

Additionally, because the alchemist who crafted them (Rave Merrill) has a secret set of conflicted loyalties in relation to Spencer Jacobs and Ashin Varanin, each set has been surreptitiously marked with a Nightsister blood trail.

Classification: Anti-blaster, anti-lightsabre
Weight: 9kg
Quality: Class 8 vs energy weapons, class 4 vs physical weapons. Very hard but somewhat brittle.
Other Feature(s): Red is the new black.


Stark raving silly
Hey, this is a good entry so far, but your dev thread's still in progress, so I'm gonna label this a work in progress. Tag me when it's done, and we'll jump in.

@[member="Rave Merrill"]
@[member="Rave Merrill"]

Checked over the dev'thread, seems in order - a few of the posts were lacking but you made up for that with pure quantity, showing you put some effort into it.

The only thing I'm going to ask of you is that you change it from semi-unique to minor. We don't worn with the former, and the latter can be literally just a handful :)
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