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Approved Tech Enyo Typhos' Simulacrum

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Enyo’s Simulacrum


  • Intent: To bring Archangel’s merging of organic and machine to its logical, horrifying climax. This form of droid perfectly merges the two, bringing strengths and weaknesses from both sides to the table.
  • Image Source: Brain Jar. Drawn by doctor.morbius on DeviantArt.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A as the submission is unique.
  • Primary Source: This submission is using elements and replacing this sub:
  • Manufacturer: Archangel Research & Design
  • Model: N/A
  • Production: Unique
  • Affiliation: Enyo Typhos
  • Modularity: No
  • Material: Phrik, durasteel, alusteel, synthskin, organic components, brain.
  • Classification: Third and Fourth degree.
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Height: 180cm. This is slightly taller than the real Siobhan…probably just to mess with the template if they ever met.
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: Inbuilt ion disruptor in right hand – this disruptor cannot disintegrate an opponent. Fists, feet etc can strike without weapons with exceptional force. Enyo can obviously carry weapons.
  • Misc. Equipment: Focusing crystal implant. Infrared/low-light vision modes for eyes. Inbuilt planetary communicator.
  • The Simulacrum is a droid body containing a human brain. Additional connective tissue and cloned skin etc combined with a focusing crystal allows Enyo to use the Force.
  • Has a phrik skeleton which is naturally resistant to many forms of damage including lightsabres.
  • Organic brain contained within a self-sustained ‘tank’ in the skull.
  • Enyo is a fairly standard HRD with a couple of key differences. Firstly, in addition to the skin, hair, etc which covered a regular droid, some organic tissue paths run through the body connecting all the limbs and major areas. This allows both the conduction of greater nerve signals to replicate organic touch centres, but also helps use the Force.
  • Phrik is almost invulnerable to lightsabres, and special work has been done to protect the vital areas of the head and chest.
  • The Phrik skeleton and mechanical muscles allow Enyo to easily carry twice her weight for a protracted period, and up to three times for a limited period. She can punch and tear through most thin or soft materials.
  • As a HRD, Enyo can replicate most human functions very closely to the organic equivalent. This includes eating, crying, sweating etc.
  • The focusing crystal is similar to those used by the ancient Jedi Sages and Sith Inquisitors in the Cold War in that it amplifies the power of the Force user.
  • The braincase is a sealed container filled with liquids and wires which connect to the brain. These liquids are important nutrients and medical chemicals which help prevent infections etc. These liquids are recycled and replaced using a small connection port under the left ribs. They must be recycled in this way every week or so to prevent issues.

  • Adamant. With a phrik skeleton and the power of mechanical power, Enyo is much stronger than an organic, as well as faster, almost immune to lightsabres and more resilient too.
  • Forceful. By keeping an organic brain and augmenting it with a focusing crystal and cloned tissue, Enyo is able to use the Force whilst being in a droid’s body. There are of course some Force abilities she cannot use, covered in weaknesses.
  • Meld. Organics have always had something of an advantage when it comes to behaving unpredictably and thinking outside the box. Enyo retains this ability whilst having some advantages of a droid as well such as enhanced senses and voice changing capability.
  • Remorseless. Now stripped of her organic needs, Enyo can operate with only one hour’s shutdown a day for ‘sleep’. She does not get tired in the usual sense, she feels no pain and can work at a task for hours without distraction.
Weaknesses :
  • Zap. Droids don’t mix with electricity, and Enyo is even more the case here. Since she relies on all the delicate electronics in her brain box to survive, direct electrical attack to the head can short-circuit this with disastrous consequences.
  • Stripped. Enyo can use the Force as a droid, but it comes at a cost. The organic tissue which covers her helps augment the power of her mind and the crystal. If her organic coverings are damaged or destroyed her ability to call on the Force will be reduced by up to half if it was all destroyed.
  • Limited. Enyo cannot use any elemental Force abilities, especially lightning. Doing so would arc against herself and do more harm to herself.
  • Fragile. Though the body is strong, the head is vulnerable. Concussions from impacts can damage the sensitive brain matter and electronics which keep it alive. Any penetration to the brain case will allow vital fluids to leak out, causing death if sufficiently emptied.
  • Frailty. Though possessed of a machine-like ability to go on without pausing, Enyo is still fundamentally a human. She can be distracted or have emotional reactions to something which make her thoughts less pure and logical.
  • Inhuman. Ironically, even though she looks more human than she did after the injuries inflicted on Korriban, she is now only a pale copy of her former self. Such a thing is noticeable via scans or merely observation. Next, her cloned appearance is nearly but not perfectly human. The skin is colder, the motions just slightly off and so on.
  • Heavy. Enyo’s skeleton is now Phrik and therefore much heavier than a normal skeleton. This means that she will find it nearly impossible to swim or traverse soft ground.
  • Horror. The Simulacrum is one of the most horrific fates imaginable. Enyo is for all intents and purposes…dead, but her brain lives on, powered by twisted medical science. The psychological trauma and strain of being trapped in a metallic shell forever cannot be undersold. Madness and self-termination are unfortunately a very possible fate unless she can manage to come to terms with herself.
Archangel Research and Design is, on the surface, a benevolent company aiming for a better future through use of technology and droids. Scratch that surface and one finds utterly ruthless droids seeking to exterminate all life in the galaxy.

Archangel are cunning though. They know that they cannot simply charge out with droids blazing away. They must find ways to deal with organics. One of their key obstacles is the Force; something they cannot properly quantify and which yet illogically exists within organics. To fight those organics who use this ‘Force’ Archangel resolved to create docile, obedient clones.
However, creating docile and obedient sentient creatures whilst still allowing them the free will and initiative which makes them so frustratingly unpredictable has always been the hardest thing.

The Simulacrum of Enyo Typhos is the final logical conclusion of Archangel’s attempts to create an organic and mechanical hybrid, a creature melding the two aspects of the galaxy together. This is not some benevolent gesture though, this is a means by which an organic can be broken down almost to the limit of not being alive and then forced to serve their mechanical masters.

Enyo Typhos, clone of Siobhan Kerrigan, was the second to undergo this procedure after captured Jedi Taiya Linosa. However, Enyo’s experience was unique, and Taiya was a proof of concept only.

Firstly, a complete body scan of Enyo was taken, as would be done for all processing of organics into HRDs. Second, a backup brain scan was taken along with genetic samples to cross-check with those already in Archangel’s possession. Third, Enyo’s brain was removed from her skull and placed into a tank of fluids which would keep it alive. Fourth, a Phrik skeleton HRD was constructed and skinned to look exactly like Siobhan Kerrigan does. Finally, the brain case was inserted into the skull and sealed.

The key difference about this ‘droid’ is that its occupant is still alive and able to use the Force. How? Drawing upon studies obtained about Shards, Archangel discovered that the Force could flow through even a nearly completely metallic body so long as the occupant was alive. Next, the living brain was augmented by a focussing crystal which allows an amplification of the Force. Finally, the living tissue covering the skeleton contains the organic matter necessary to helping assist with conducting and drawing on the Force.

The end result is a nightmarish Frankenstein’s Monster melding organic and machine strengths…but also both types’ weaknesses.

On the one hand, Enyo is able to act and fight like an HRD. Her Phrik skeleton renders her almost immune to lightsabres, her strength is twice that of a human, and able to sustain it longer. What’s more, she is able to take severe damage without losing her effectiveness. The key part though is that Enyo can call on the Force whilst being in this situation, using the combination of organic brain and tissue threaded throughout the skeleton. Enyo, a powerful Force user can augment her powerful physical traits with applications of the Force to aid her in battle.

[SIZE=11pt]However, Enyo is also burdened with significant weaknesses. For a start, ion and electrical attacks, the bane of all machines, is extremely effective against her. Unlike a regular droid she cannot just shut down and be booted up again later, the electronics keeping her alive like with Vader’s suit are vulnerable. Similarly, although extremely resistant to damage, the head is vulnerable to heavy concussions which can damage the fragile organic brain inside. Enyo also suffers from the curse of HRDs in that they look almost human, but are not, and are just slightly wrong. Finally, there’s a problem specific to this creation; the horror and madness engendered by being an organic being trapped in a metal shell. More than any being, Enyo is trapped in limbo, unable to ever leave her metal prison and return to real flesh, hating yet relying on her cage in order to not die at last. That, more than any technical flaw is the true horror of this machine, and the true weakness.[/SIZE]
Maelion Liates said:
Inhuman. Ironically, even though she looks more human than she did after the injuries inflicted on Korriban, she is now only a pale copy of her former self. Such a thing is noticeable via scans or merely observation. Next, her cloned appearance is nearly but not perfectly human. The skin is colder, the motions just slightly off and so on. Her lack of real senses also makes her

I think this got cut off in copy/paste.

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