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Approved Location Enryu Thread

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Acaleus Thorn

CEO of Enryu Corp
  • [SIZE=9pt]Intent[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: To create a location for the training of the Needles[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]​Image Credit[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: N/A [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Canon[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: N/A[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Links[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: N/A[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Structure Name:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Enryu Thread[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Classification[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: Training school[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Location[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: Nal Hutta[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Affiliation[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: Enryu Corp. Acaleus Thorn[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Accessibility[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: Below the HQ of Enryu Corp. Guarded by veteran Needles[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Description[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]: The entrance its protected by the same regular guards of the company, but in the underground, the Needles are in their world. The location, being close with the sewer and old train tunnels, has access to the almost every districts around. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Library [/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Yard for combat training [/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Fitness Center[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Workshop (It includes some common machinery that Enryu Corp uses)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Bedrooms, kitchens and laundry room[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Medium [/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Common sensors, cameras on main entrance and the same trained soldiers must sakekeep the place, dividing themself the work by Schedule.

[SIZE=9pt]Acaleus returned to his company and level his office with anger. The mercenaries he hired backstab him at his job. He was bored about hiring and not having anyone doing a their tasked job. He grabbed a shovel close to him, and start digging, then threw the thing away, with his workers looking worried “Build me an tunnel NOW!” With weeks of work, investment and careful planning and interviewing orphans teenagers. Everyone with their own abilities but traits that could be enhance. Would take weeks, months and maybe their sanity, but the ones who passed the initial tests would be rewarded by entering into the next phase. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]From there on, only the stronger would stay, in a harsh elimination process. The ones who managed to pass would enter into the facility of Enryu Needle. In there, the only family they would have would be each other. Daily training would be the standard for soldiers, adding the opportunity for them to excel in a field of their expertise. [/SIZE]

Neri Rashal

[member="Acaleus Thorn"]

I'm going to need you to link to the Nal Hutta wookiee article, and get a proper link to your character (you can link to your bio, which would be better than @ ing your own name here, in case you ever repurpose this account for something else)

Also, if the Needles are subbed as a group, please link them here. If not that's fine.
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