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Endless Night (open)

The Zatitsis
The lowest levels of Coruscant is one of the most treacherous places in the galaxy. Some parts were so corrupt and crime so infested that local authorities had abandoned the idea of trying to enforce the law with people, and now droids units were the only method of law enforcement. If the crime didn't get you, the environment did. Industrial fallout caked the walkways, trash and toxic waste lay everywhere in mounds that were sometimes larger than an air speeder. Armored rats, akk dogs, and spider roaches roamed the alleys and fed off the weak. The people who survived in this hostile place had nothing to live for, except perhaps the hope of one day actually seeing daylight. The funny thing was down here the daylight never came. Light came from neon signs, municipal lighting that actually worked, and industrial fires, down here the Blackpit Slums were forever cloaked by an endless night.

Despite being just over ten kilometers from the Jedi Temple, the Blackpit Slums was the perfect place to hide. Many would not guess that such a dark place existed so close to that what was considered the beacon light in the galaxy. As long as Arcturus lingered down here in the lower levels the Jedi would never suspect he was even there. The mission needed to be completed and in utmost secret, no one could no the Sith apprentice was even here. Cutting through the industrial smoke, a small smuggler's spaceship descended into these lower levels. Making haste the craft finally landed inside a small dock bay inside one of the lowest block's on the planet. Stepping off the exit ramp the Sith apprentice Arcturus was dressed in a torn up brown cloak. His lightsaber was well concealed, however he sported a holstered blaster pistol on his belt and a blaster carbine looped by the strap around his back. With some light worn combat armor underneath his robe, Arcturus looked anything but like a Sith.

"I'll be taking my payment now mister..." The smuggler's eyes sharpened at Arcturus. "...what ever you said your name was."

Arcturus looked at the smuggler then pulled out a small DL-18 blaster pistol form his holster, and with a snap put a bolt in the man's chest. The smuggler's body slammed against the side of the dock bay, sliding down into a heap. "I never intended on paying you." Arcturus said. The smell of ionized air and burnt flesh filled his nostrils.

His stride left prefect foot prints in the soot that lay on the causeway as moved down each block. Eventually he made his way into an unsavory looking cantina. Taking a seat at the bar, Arcturus passed the bartender a credit chit an ordered a drink. "What brings you to this part of the galaxy son?" The bartender asked pouring the Sith some corellian whiskey.
"I'm look for an archive terminal to a holonet relay, one that feeds info for hyperspace jumps." Arcturus responded.
The bartender look amused, "And what would being looking for with that information?"
Arcturus looked down at the bar counter, narrowing his eyes. "None of your kriffing business." He responded. Arcturus glanced around to see who was trying to eavesdrop on his conversation.