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Approved Tech EMPR Lance Sharpshooter Rifle

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  • Manufacturer: RMIA
  • Model: EMPR Lance Sharpshooter rifle
  • Affiliation: Closed market
  • Modularity: Minor: Over and under barrel mounts, optional sling attachment, color may be changed
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel, blaster components
  • Classification: Sharpshooter rifle
  • Size: Rifle size
  • Length: 60 cm (a little long for a rifle)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg (a bit heavy for a rifle)
  • Ammunition Type: Power cell, plasma canister
  • Ammunition Capacity: Power pack capacity of 50 shots and a Plasma canister 20 shots. (Pretty low for a rifle)
  • Effective Range: Long for a blaster rifle
  • Rate of Fire: As fast as you can pull the trigger
  • Extended range
  • Extra punch
  • Faraday cage
  • Links to HUD/sensors
  • Extended range: This is a sharp shooter rifle, it is designed to shoot further than your average blaster rifle
  • Extra punch: At the cost of ammo capacity, this rifle shoots harder than your average blaster rifle
  • Faraday cage: All those special, needed electronic bits are covered in a beautiful copper covering to protect from nasty EMPs and Ion attacks.
  • Links to HUD/sensors: This gorgeous sharp shooter seemlessly blends into your HUD system

  • Pack-a-punch: This badboy is based off the science of RMIA's favorite weapon--the Electromagnetic plasma cannon. While you won't back the same level-a-building-plus-everything-around-it firepower, its a miniaturized version, so it sure as heck is gonna wreck some serious damage. She's able to contend with most vehicle armors, let alone personal armor.
  • Long range: This is a sharpshooter rifle, designed to accurately put damage down a fair range. This bad girl has range that makes most assault rifles green with envy.
Weaknesses :
  • Lowered clip capacity: Its not easy powering an electromagnetic plasma rifle. Your average blaster's power pack is good for 150 rounds--this one's power pack lasts for one third of that. Your average blaster's gas canister lasts for 500 shots--this EMPR's plasma pack lasts for less than a tenth of that. That is not fun.
  • Heavy: It takes a lot of components to make a nice Electromagnetic Plasma thing work. And )this rifle is no exception. She is on the longer, heavier side of things. That makes aiming down sights harder to do since it would wear on the arms faster (unless the rifle is supported or something). Also it makes using this girl in combat a bigger hassle for weight reasons.
  • Splash Damage: Shooting balls of plasma down range is not without its downfalls. I means I guess on one hand it could be great that the plasma splays out on impact; on the other if you have that one friend who likes to run to the front of the battle wearing a bathrobe or Snuggie backwards (we're looking at you Jedi and Sith) then they can expect at least second degree burns.
Pretty much every vehicle it could be strapped to in RMIA's line of heavy machinery has been fitted with an Electromagnetic plasma cannon. At RMIA we loved the weapon so much, we decided to make a rifle that miniaturized it for the use of the grunts and regular guys. After all, the best way to make the world better is by sharing what you love!

Here is how this elegant rifle works; first, plasma matter is primed from the plasma chamber (akin to the gas canister on most rifles and blasters) to be fired. Electromagnetic coils are warmed up, and send the burst of plasma matter down range at some pretty rapid speeds. When the matter hits something--be it a lightsaber, a piece of paper, or a durasteel plate--splatter bits are sent in all directions. Those within one foot are splattered on, regardless of their friend or foe status. The heat of this splattered stuff isn't as great as the main bolt, but its hot enough to cause second or third degree burns on unprotected skin. The bulk of the shot is hot enough to make durasteel glow red hot and possibly melt--a second shot would melt pretty much for sure. Even if whatever your shooting at is wearing armor strong enough to negate that level of heat, they still have to deal with the impact of the kinetic force, which is pretty great.

Since she's a sharpshooter rifle, the Lance is designed for accuracy, if you miss, it isn't because of the rifle, it would be because you weren't aiming right. Or, ya know, cause the sun was in your eyes or some other lame excuse like that you tell your buddies. But in addition to accuracy, this rifle has some pretty sweet range since she is a sharp shooter rifle.

But, of course, range, accuracy, and the ability to hurl superheated matter at your foes comes at a few costs. For starters, the Lance is heavy, which makes it cumbersome. Also, it takes more charge to power it, so that does affect its power pack and plasma pack being drained faster than most--it also means your going to be reloading pretty frequently, so make each shot count.

All in all, its just a sharpshooter rifle that miniaturizes some great anti-vehicle tech.
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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