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Approved Tech Emperor's Own Legion Armor

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Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order

Intent: To provide advanced armor for the Atrisian Empire's most elite stormtrooper legion, directly under the Emperor's command.
Development Thread: None
Manufacturer: Junbei Hao National
Model: JBA-66
Affiliation: Atrisian Empire
Modularity: None
Production: Mass Produced (Emperor's Own Legion only)
Material: Plastoid
Description: The armor of the Emperor's Own was designed to make these most elite of stormtroopers standout on the battlefield. Those chosen to wear this armor have proved themselves to be not only among the best soldiers in the Empire, but the most loyal. It is from these ranks that the Imperial Guards are chosen. So it was decided to create unique armor just for the Emperor's Own. It was designed using ancient armor styling, but despite the age of the design the armor actually benefits from having thicker armor due to the scale like design of the plastoid plates.

The helmet of the armor has the ability for thermal imaging. Like standard stormtrooper armor, the rank and identification is displayed in white on the armor surface and can only normally be seen through a stormtrooper helmet. It also had ray shielding built into it, but like the original armor the shield was power hungry and tended to overheat under sustained fire.

Other features shared with standard stormtrooper armor:
  • Power gloves
  • Environmental seal/air filter
  • 20 minutes of oxygen
  • Shin and knee
  • IIF equipment
Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 11 kilograms
Quality: 8
Other Feature(s): Comes with mount for ceremonial sword.
Not open for further replies.