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Character Emorin Tain

Darth Vindictus

Emorin Tain

Personal Information

Name: Emorin Tain

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4

Weight: 159 Lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Yellow

Force Sensitive: Yes

Faction: Sith

Rank: Sith Lord

Historical Information

History: Emorin never wanted to be a Sith. For most of his life, all he ever dreamed of was becoming a successful biologist, or maybe an engineer. Growing up as the rich kid on the block, he never could really decide which route he wanted to go. He was undeniably smart, a fact he never hesitated to throw around in the schoolyards on Kuat, but he never truly found a place to fit in on his homeworld. When the time came for him to choose a profession, instead of following his family and friends into the shipbuilding business, he traveled off world.

He received a scholarship to attend the Coruscant Academy of Sciences, one of the most prestigious schools in the Core. Still undecided on his career path, he had been in classes for only half a year when he begin to develop his connection to the Force. A late bloomer by most indicators, Emorin was uncertain what the powers and feelings he was developing were and did his best to ignore them. While he studied, he found himself growing restless. While he ate, he grew irritable. And when he talked with his classmates, his temper flared.

This came to a head following the completion of one of his classes that semester. The final project he had been working on with a partner had been delivered late. While Emorin had done his part, his friend had ignored the work until after the deadline. The late assignment brought Emorin's grade down rather considerably, and in a rage he lashed out at his friend. He channeled the Dark Side of the Force fully for the first time, striking the man down.

After that, he was arrested by Galactic Alliance police. He was being held for questioning when the facility he was in lost power. He broke free and fled from the compound, only to come across a Jedi. The Force User blocked his path of escape, but before a battle could begin, an explosion erupted near the two. Emorin survived, but the Jedi did not. Taking his lightsaber, Emorin fled from the compound, fled from Coruscant, and fled from the Galactic Alliance.

He journeyed into Wild Space, the only place he thought he might stay safe from his past. What he experienced during his travels there, he rarely speak of. But when he emerged back on to the scene, he was a changed man. Filled with a dark purpose, and dedicated to visions that torment his every waking moment, the new Darth Vindictus has set his sights on the greater galaxy.

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