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Emilia Throniat

Name: Emilia Throniat
Species: human
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Rank: Heiress to her father' small fortune
Skin: pale
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Force sensitive: yes

Emilia is a surprisingly strong young woman, capable of using a bow with a draw strength of 137 lbs. Further more, she couples this with high inteligence, knowing many business strategies, skill with the bow, capable of hitting a target accurately almost a hundred meters away, and knowledge of psychology to work through her daily life, escpecially if she needs to negotiate. She is also taking fencing classes, so she can use blades.
Weaknesses: Emilia's main weapon is the bow. These are not very common. Thus, her weapon is rather expensive. Emilia has been known to get very attached to people. When someone she is close to dies, she is affected for a very long time, and never really gets over it. She is willing to die to protect those she is close to. Further on with the emotional issues, Emilia will not open herself up to people easily, acting sociably, but not revealing much for a long time. Is prone to emotional out bursts, taking the form of tear filled periods in which she takes the fetal position in the corner of her room. On top of this, Emilia is hopeless with a blaster.
Elegant, often wearing a dress that is either light grey or black. Always wears a bracelet with the symbol of her family, a Full moon with seven stars in an arc above it, on it. Occasionally described as almost angelic.

Bio: Born to rich parents on Commenor, Emilia faced a shelter life, despite her father often taking her on business trips. Emilia learned much on these trips, and when she was three she got a bow with two arrows, built for someone a little larger and stronger than her. Emilia has been practicing with a bow since she first fired that bow, which now hangs up within her room, accompanied by an arrow(the other was lost). Emilia has always been fascinated with wings, and with angels. Particularly how elegant they are. Due to a rare skin issue Emilia's skin remained extremely Sensitive to the sun, burning easily, thus, Emilia usually goes outside at night or very covered up. Her father always insisted that her family was of noble Alderanian origin. So, she keeps the bracelet, with the insignia her father was so insistent upon. Throughout her life, Emilia enjoyed metal, one band in particular. When this band played on Commenor she always went. When they when hen she was 21, Emilia of course went, accompanied by her father. The show was not particularly life changing, but the return home was. Within the taxi that was taking them back to her father's estate, he had a stroke, which killed him before Emilia knew what had happened. Emilia was emotionally devastated, and for days would not leave her room. Her father left everything to her, as Emilia was his only child.

Owns: An estate on Commenor, fifteen bows, three hundred, fifty four arrows.all that her father owned, a rapier, a saber, and her bracelet, which she keeps in memory of her father

Ship: none.

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