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Emilia Delane

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Image credit for recolor: [member="Yasha Mantis"]

NAME: Emilia Delane
FACTION: Pii System
OCCUPATION: Secretary (Former Intelligence Officer for Galactic Republic/Galactic Alliance)
SPECIES: Pantoran
AGE: 25
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’7”
EYES: Gold/Violet
HAIR: Light purple
SKIN: Light blue


Father: David Delane (Alive)
Mother: Cassandra Delane (Alive)
Siblings (biological): None
Extended Family: Unknown
Romantic Partner: None


+ Electronics – Emilia is excellent at anything that deals with electronics – from hacking, to coding, to reprogramming a robot. If you need your holopad fixed, she’s your gal.

+ Cold – As a Pantoran, Emilia is naturally resistant to cold weather. She may not need to wear a coat unless it is very cold.

- Heat – She cannot stand the heat. She very quickly tires of extreme heat & will avoid it at all costs. If she does endure it, she will quickly become agitated, angry, annoyed, and compulsive about things.

- Cybernetic Left Arm – After a mission go wrong, she lost her left arm. She had a cybernetic left arm installed, covered with synthetic skin that matches the tone of her body. It is easily damaged by EMP, Ion blasts, etc.

- Shy/Doesn’t Like Attention – Emilia is not a people person – she avoids being in crowds, hates being in anyway the center of attention, and does her best to remain in the shadows.

- + Perfectionist – She aims to exceed at all things. She often takes longer to complete objectives, but tends to do them perfectly.


Emilia is an average height, toned, muscular woman with light blue skin, light purple hair, and gold/violet eyes. Besides these features, she tends to look remarkably human. She tends to wear dresses or a simple shirt and jeans. In business, she wears formal dresses and suits.



David and Cassandra Delane met on their home moon of Pantora. After a very cute, short, and small romance, the two married. They decided they wanted to explore the galaxy – after all, it wasn’t their parent's world anymore. As such, the pair took off – they traveled across the galaxy for years before settling down in one of Sullust domed, subterranean cities.

Soon after settling down, her parents brought her into the world late into their lives. She would be their one and only child. Cassandra was a school teacher and David was an electrical technician. Both were middle class, hard-working jobs that her parents have, even up to this day.

The first several years of her life was normal – she was raised properly by her parents. They taught her kindness, respect, authority, and empathy. She carried these traits with her into her teenage and adulthood. However, she was a little spoiled during the early years of her life due to excellent economic conditions and favorable jobs for both her mother and father.

Upon reaching her teenage years, Emilia began to become more reclusive. There wasn’t really any major changes to her in terms of damaging events, but she desired to become less outwardly known. She preferred working in the dark, so to speak, and being able to have the freedom that those who seek attention didn’t have. As such, the young girl eventually became the victim of bullying due to her lack of friends. This eventually seeped into her as a type of loneliness – no one wanted to be friends with the girl who didn’t talk much, after all.

Her personality became more stable and balanced as she became a late teen. Her ability with computers and coding created a desire to do some type of espionage, intelligence work. Her parents would hate the idea, but she found herself increasingly attracted to an adrenaline filled lifestyle that her current life lacked. While she kept her shyness, she did gain a couple close friends that she chose to associate with. She also began to ensure her skills were excellent in unarmed and close combat situations along with proficiency in blaster weapons.

Once she was 18, she joined the Galactic Republic as an intelligence officer despite her parents begging her not too. She primarily assisted in field operations, slicing operations, and other important ‘behind the scenes’ work that her nation requested of her. Soon after the Galactic Republic began forcing companies to be the Galactic Republic owned and operated, she left her nation to begin work with the Galactic Alliance.

5 years before present, she was assigned on a mission to Galactic Empire space to perform field reconnaissance. Regrettably, the mission went wrong – the Galactic Empire had known of the trap, had planned for whoever to show up to be trapped and a prisoner. How the Galactic Empire knew of the trap was unknown, however, Emilia does suspect a mole inside notified the Galactic Empire of her impending mission. She could never prove it nor had any idea who it was, but it was a feeling she couldn’t shake off.

During the mission, she was caught briefly due to someone catching her with the Force – her left arm below the elbow was sliced off by a red lightsaber from a Galactic Empire inquisitor moments later, but luckily she managed to escape seconds afterward. In excruciating pain and agony, Emilia abandoned her post and ran. She ran as far as she could until she passed out in a barn on a farmers land. Thankfully, the farmer helped her – he stopped the bleeding, assisted in bacta and bandaging her up. In return, she gave him as much credits as she could spare.

Regrettably, the Galactic Empire was hot on her trail – they found her, killed the farmer and his family as she slept in the barn, and she fled again. This pattern would continue for several months until she found herself in the Pii system, owned by [member=”John Ash”]. Once inside the system, she made contact with John who assisted her in having a new identity (Emilia Delane), a new life, and a fully functional cybernetic left arm. The Galactic Alliance informed her parents that she had died in duty. The Galactic Empire inquisitors who were chasing her mysteriously vanished.
5 years later, she continues to work loyally with John.

Notable Items

Religious items
Generic blaster pistol
Fake IDs, impressive electronic systems