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Emeline Thorn


NAME: Emeline Thorn

FACTION: The Iron Empire

RANK: Iron Auxiliary

SPECIES: Human [Alsakani]

AGE: 24

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5'8"


EYES: Hazel

HAIR: Dark chocolate brown

SKIN: A light bronze.



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[+] Emeline is very sensitive to the Force itself, and always has been. Because of her sensitivity, she can easily pick people out of crowds that are Force-Users. Furthermore, her sensitivity allows her to recognize old artifacts that give off Force energy.

[+] Emeline is very agile and can move very gracefully. Having been on her own since she was little, she was unable to physically intimidate those around her. Instead, she used her agility to steal and pickpocket her way through her young adult life. This agility will assist her in combat once she is trained in combat.

[-] With being so sensitive to the Force, Emeline can be overloaded both spiritually and by her senses. Large concentration of Force power or sudden tremors can overload her brain and cause blackouts or incredible migraines. This is definitely a malus in combat, and something she has to work on.

[-] Emeline is naturally paranoid due to her childhood and adolescence, unable to trust those around her. Having been on her own for so long has made her resolve cold and steeled against those that wish to become her friend.

Emeline is a young woman with bronzed skin and long, dark brown hair. Taking after her mother, her skin is darker then her two older siblings. A slender frame compliments her agility, though it usually cannot be seen past her legionnaire's armor. Unless training on Ilum, she is always seen in her armor, and she rigorously takes care of it, shining and polishing it daily.

BIOGRAPHY: The youngest child of the illustrious Thorne family, Emeline was born to a prominent merchant family on the city-world of Alsakan. Her parents were not Force-Sensitive, but every child they bore were extremely sensitive to the Force and its powers. Emeline was no different, and is the most sensitive, with some outlets of Force power giving her horrible migraines and blackouts. Born from an adventurous spirit, Emeline left home at 18, unwilling to become a pawn in her father's mercantile games. Though it pained her to leave her two older brothers, she did so out of necessity. She could never live being the young wife of some far off merchant. Traveling throughout the Core regions and even going to the Outer Rim, Emeline worked as both a pilot and a smuggler at certain points of her life. Terrible at both, she was astonished at the brutality of war between the light and the dark.

Eventually, Emeline would find herself in the Unknown Regions. Tired of running from wars that threatened to tear apart the galaxy, she has pledged her life and service to the Iron Empire. Donning the Legionnaire's armor, Emeline is honing her Force abilities and is planning on becoming a Legate in the Iron Legion. Though her love of adventure gets her in trouble from time to time, Emeline never strays far from her discipline. She is a born warrior, and cannot wait to make her brothers proud of her accomplishments.





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