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Elysium Industries Shipyard Lease Contract

Macharius Solaire

Macharius Solaire had arrived back on Denon just yesterday. He'd been gone only four days, but the dataslates, messages, meetings and all the other responsibilities were piling up. Such was what a leader and corporate owner must deal with. So he slaved away at the work he'd let pile up. Knocking them one by one. A reminder popped up with a chime on a screen in front of him. A meeting with
[member="John Rakugan"] scheduled today for 2pm. The gears turned slowly in his mind and bringing up to speed on another issue. His eyes floated down to the time display. It was 1:53. "Oh for the love of." A quick click of the screen brought up these notifications. He'd missed two previous for this meeting and another for a lesser matter of state. Mach scrambled to get everything he needed and run to this meeting. Rakugan would be in the lobby waiting for him most likely. It took but a minute to save everything he'd been working on and shut down the console, toss on his suit jacket and grab his tablet. Ready, he walked with a hasty step out his office. "Jamie, I've a meeting. I'll be gone for an hour or so I'd figure. So tell whoever asks... that. Thanks." His secretary nodded to him but he was past her to see it. Gotta just assume the folks you say things to are going to do it sometimes.

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