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Approved Starship Elliah-Class Heavy Cruiser

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The Black Flame
Today, 10:55 PM

Credit: http://gaming.trekcore.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=35&page=3

Intent: To create a Heavy Cruiser for the Fel Imperium
Development Thread: No
Manufacturer: Rendili Stardrives
Model: Elliah-Class Heavy Cruiser
Affiliation: Fel Naval Legion
Modularity: Yes (Fighter/bomber loadout)
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Titanium Reinforced Alusteel

The Elliah-Class Heavy Cruiser is a standard Heavy Cruiser that has been outfitted to transport Fel Imperium starfighters and bombers. The ship is 1,000 meters and holds a variety of smaller vessels while carrying a decent armament around with it. The largest set of firepower comes in the form of fifty Laser Flak (25 along each side of the ship) 25 Point-Defense Lasers and 25 Quad-Cannons. The laser flak is much more effective against ship shields than the standard flak rounds and can be used again capital ships as well as fighters. Then, to top things off, the ship has 2 turbo laser batteries along either side of the ship and a single battery facing the bow of the ship.

The ship has standard shields found on any other vessel of the same class and is highly effective at taking out starfighters while its capital ship to capital ship combat is lacking compared to other ships.

Classification: Heavy Cruiser
Role: Support Carrier
Height: 500 meters
Width: 445 meters
Length: 1000 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1
Minimum Crew: 254
Optimal Crew: 536

50 Laser Flak Cannons

25 Point-Defense Lasers

25 Quad-lasers

5 Turbo Laser Batteries
36 "Fire Bird" starfighters

24 "Battle Bird" Bombers

6 Hades Gunships

4 dropships (Unspecified for now as one has yet to be created)

8 AE-ST Walkers (With barges)

7 Scout/Recon Walkers (with barges)
Non-Combative Attachments:

Full Spectrum Sensors array


X2 Dome Shield Generators

Passenger Capacity: 625
Cargo Capacity: 500 metric tons
Consumables: 1 year
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 7
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