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Eliminator Armor

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The Artist
Intent: To allow personal force multiplication to aid in battle agains overwhelming odds and aid in assassination jobs and high-risk missions by putting Andreas's best talents on easy access
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Mandalorian Metalsmiths
Model: X-10
Affiliation: N/A
Modularity: Yes
Production: Unique
Material: An alloy of Armorplast, Agrinium and Songsteel; Mandallorian Iron, Thermal Gel, Armorweave, Protective Liquid Coating
Description: Finally putting his skill at smithing and knowledge of technology to the test, Andreas built a suit modeled after the inferior Wintergreen Suit with the intent of force multiplication through technology. This suit is also meant to be his icon; the thing people define him by. Failure after failure and humiliating loss after another has driven him to reach for more power.

The helmet is shaped vaguely like a skull to inspire fear in opponents and is made out of the same alloy used to make most the rest of the suit and has an internal lining of thermal gel. It is fitted with the same HUD as the aforementioned suit. It has a unique X-vizor made of red mandalorian iron and allows a mode called "Tactical Vision" where X-ray and night vision can be used.

The body of the suit has a sleek and smooth modern design and consists of plating placed precisely for maximum protection and no restrained movement. The plates are made of an alloy of armorplast, agrinium and songsteel that, on top of being incredibly light, is capable of withstanding frigid cold, blistering heat, monumental stress, blaster fire, lightsaber blows and radiation. There is a lining of thermal gel underneath along with an armorweave bodyglove. It has a jet black finish exept for the shoulder, knee and elbow plates which are red with black "X"s) and the protective liquid coating gives the armor a sightly sheen along with increased durability and waterproofing

The gauntlets are made of carbonized mandalorian iron that is a shiny blood red color. The part that covers the hand is a plated crushgaunt and the part that covers the forearm has a hidden blaster, flamethrower, pair of clawed brass knuckles and one has a computer that is a flat digital screen and allows access to the holonet.

The boots are made of the same material as the gauntlets and have magnetizable soles and hidden rockets.

Despite being a formidable piece of technology, the X-10 is not without its errors. Since the suit is largely technological, it can be rendered into a simple, weaponless suit of armor by a simple EMP as it would make all the hidden weapons unable to be activated and utilized along with the benefits of the HUD. The thin plates make it much less capable of taking punishment and makes it the worst option for "tanking". The entire suit is not lightsaber proof as parts such as the foot, back of the upper thigh, the underarm and back of the upper arm are not made of the alloy and instead incorporates use of "false armor" being a compound of armorplast and agrinium made to look just like the rest of the suit. Anyone who can find out the making of the suit can then target these easy-to-strike places with their lightsaber and do damage. If an opponent can find the switch and manage to flick it, the entire suit will collapse into seperate pieces,leaving Andreas vulnerable as the pieces would be impractical to pick up in the midst of a battle

Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 12kg
Quality: 8
Other Feature(s): There is a very small emergency switch located on the shoulder right where it meets the neck of the armor that will cause the entire suit save the gauntlets and boots to fall apart into seperate pieces in case of an emergency. They may be mechanically reassembled later.

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
I'm denying this submission as I see numerous problems throughout this submission. Twelve kilograms is far to light for an armor of this nature. You lack an energy source for your flamethrower, and rocket boots. Including rockets in your boots, and magboots is simply too much as well for one set of boots. In the end the entire armor attempts to simply do too much on multiple angles, and I believe the entire thing is an example of power gaming. Also I would like to note your development thread is simply lower then what I would consider the minimum, add to it that you literally admit laziness was the reason for lack of quality.

If you believe this submission has been wrongly denied feel free to use the second chance thread to obtain another chance on this submission.
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