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Eli Pydre

Eli Pydre

Eli Pyre
"There is no way you could beat a Pyre, worthless piece of poodoo"
-Eli Pyre​

Name: Eli Pyrde
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 97 kg
Hair: Ashen Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale, Fair
Faction: Neutral
Rank: Pirate
Force Sensitive: No
+ Physical Strength
- Mood Swings
+ Neutral
- Neutral
+ Good Health
- Old Technology
+ Weapons
- Knowledge
+ Reading
- Seductive
+ Seductive
Basic Blaster Pistol, Unmodified
Basic Slugthrower, Unmodified
Basic Blaster Rifle, Unmodified
Standard Frag Grenades
Standard Stun Grenades
Starndard YT-2550 ship, unmodified
Eli was born on a remote planet in the Outer Rim, it was out of The Republic's and The Siths control and most of the rulers were Hutt crime lords who thought they could get away with anything they desired, they would often hold annual executions to ammuse themselves and show their authority over the civilians. When Eli had just turned one year old her parents were executed, that was what she was told by the foster parents, who adopted her soon after finding her alone on the streets left for dead.

As a child growing up Eli was often considered very pretty and she had most of the boys crushing on her, although she denied when ever a boy asked her on a date, she considered her foster family her real family, eventually the Hutts left the planet and Eli had to go out to the wide galaxy to find work, her family brought her YT-2550 ship.

Eli tried and failed at many careers, until she discovered Bounty Hunting and Mercenary, she became what many would describe as a Pirate, at least that is what she considers herself.
Bounties Collected: