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Elenviel, the Weeping Prophet



NAME: Elenviel​
RANK: Knight​
SPECIES: Miraluka​
AGE: 38​
SEX: Female​
HEIGHT: 5' 10''​
WEIGHT: 138 lbs​
EYES: Sockets​
HAIR: Black​
SKIN: Pale​


+ Strands of Time: Elenviel possesses a shard she's polished into an orb. It glows with a sickly green light, and she can often be heard muttering to the 'Disciple' she carries around in her hands. She maintains it allows her to see the myriad pathways of time, forward and back, across all possible outcomes. The authenticity of this claim has never been verified, as the orb goes dark when possessed by anyone but her.

- Frail: Self explanatory. She'll lose every fist fight she's in, unless she's punching a corpse.

- Fractured Mind: Seeing the many pathways of time has left her mind scattered like the shards of a broken mirror. She can often be found in a near trance like state, believing the present to simply be another vision.

A thin, pale skinned woman of indeterminate age, Elenviel's defining characteristics are the same as many Miraluka. Her blindfold, her presence in the Force, and her ability to see despite not having eyes. Atop this, however, unlike most Miraluka, her sockets glow with a vestigial green light, as though backlit by some great power. The color matches the power radiating off the orb she's never without.

Her third eye is the most unique feature about her, but she's particularly cagey about it; almost as cagey as she can be about the orb.

Elenviel's parents were explorers, a mixture of research archaeologists, paleontologists, and planetary surveyors. Many times, they'd send probes into deep space to detect abandoned outposts, crashed ships, or long long cultures in the hopes of finding some new discovery to give to the galaxy. They'd take their daughter along on these journeys, and she learned at a young age how to be intrusive without being pushy.

With the Plague winding down, people were reaching for the stars again, trying to reconnect. They were a part of this goal, funded by a shadowy organization whom they made no direct contact with.

What happened to her, or her parents, is anyone's guess, as she doesn't tell. However, for posterity's sake, it will be recorded here.

At the age of twelve, a probe sent a data burst back to her parent's research vessel containing the coordinates to a planet in the Unknown Region upon which a ship had crash landed, only to sink partially beneath murky jungle waters. Sensing, perhaps, that they might be on the heels of an interesting discovery - as the ship was nearly large enough to match the ancient vessels used in the Clone Wars - her parents made best speed to the uncharted world.

Upon arrival, they found a planet possessed of a single, massive continent along the equator, with smaller island chains dotting the vast ocean that claimed the rest of the world. Scanning again to ensure the probe had, in fact, found what it's data insisted it had, they set down in a clearing not far from their prize. However, the heavy weight of their ship, combined with deep bedrock and a particularly wet monsoon season, meant the ship was partially stuck in mud.

While her mother and her set out to inspect their discovery, her father stayed behind to run diagnostics and inspect for damage.

They found the ship partially submerged, rusted out, and otherwise taking up the majority of an otherwise vast, brown-water lake. A quick sample said the water was brown from a combination of rust, sediment and chemicals.

It was highly likely not life survived in that water.

Returning to the ship, they found it semi-righted, with the airlock left wide open. That immediately concerned her mother, who scurried aboard with Elen in tow only to find her father had been captured by a band of savages.

This group of barbarians were actually pirates, stranded a year back following an emergency landing when their hyperdrive had shorted out. Their backup had failed too, and so here they were, a year later, surviving off whatever the jungle provided. The deal, of course, was simple. Hand over the ship, live. Someone might be along to save them sooner or later. A brief attempt at negotiation revealed the pirates were especially concerned with monsters inhabiting the lands around them, roaming the woods on the backs of reptiles.

They called them Ssi-Ruu, and Elen knew from experience that the semi-avian people didn't exactly stray from their homeworld on a whim. Perhaps it was them the ship had been transporting.

But it didn't account for the apparent age of the wreck. Through a complex series of coincidences, poor decisions and bad timing, a fight broke out, and Elen was forced to run with her parents dead, the pirates wounded, and the bestial roar of reptiles hot on her heels. She made for the wreck, into which she journeyed, using her datapad to power up a console long enough to learn that millenia before - and she was truthfully surprised the console even worked - the Master's Dream had been taken down from the inside by a single saboteur.

This snake in the grass was called 'Disciple' and he had turned on the 'Master,' and in doing so, released their research onto the skeleton crew manning the ship. Their goal, apparently driven by the will of the Disciple, was to crash the ship, leaving the Master stranded, and to die, provided he survived the crash. Disciple, for his part, seemed to have simply phased out of existence.

In time, she made contact with the survivors of that ancient crash, and sure enough, they were Ssi-Ruu, though tainted by the Dark Side and now more Sithspawn than their original species. They maintained some of their heritage, however, their tribes segregated on the basis of colors, great Temple-Cities dotting the landscape to mark the Seven Tribes and their cities.

The most powerful tribe, much to her lack of surprise, was the Blue Tribe. They'd assimilated the Gold, and in a nod to their heritage, the Gold provided the clergy upon which the Blue based their religious practices. Their primary concern, however, was something Elen would come to term 'the Harvest.' Every ten years, the tribes gathered in the City of Rivers to fight a gladiatorial contest.

Elen was surprised to find the real winners weren't the one who won, but rather, were the losers. The strongest of each Tribe would pair off in a stone circle, inlaid with small furrows that acted like miniature aqueducts for the spilled blood. Over the months, this blood would run off, heading deep into a catacomb below the First Temple, to a place none of the Offspring - as they called themselves - dared go.

Her vision allowed her to see the nexus of hatred radiating from below, but even her strength in the Force - the only reason they hadn't killed her on the spot, as they believed her touched by the 'Master' - would not convince them to allow her entrance. And so she snuck in herself, one night, descending moss-covered steps, through ancient corridors of weeping stone, until she came into a large cavern, hewn from a crystal cave.

Set upon a dias in the back was a tomb, and from it, black mist descended down a great set of steps. What occurred within, only she knows, but when she returned, her eyes shone with an inner light, and a third one had appeared behind her blindfold. The Master's Eye won her the worship of the city, and in a brutal decade of war, the City of Rivers conquered the other tribes, forging a unified civilization for the first time in their many years on this otherwise uninhabited rock.

And so they waited, until finally, a mechanical being calling itself the Disciple came, seeking to slay the woman who had unified his Master's pets. A duel occurred, though neither raised their hand, and by the end, the Shard was turned to a smoking wreck, his core torn from his chest and held tight in the claws of his slayer. Staring into the abyss of time, Elen wept darkness, and her eyes began to shine with the light emanating from the Shard in her grasp.

So it was that the Weeping Prophet came to be, and when the next pirate vessel stopped in system to catalogue their latest score, their minds were overpowered. Now, she's able to return to the galaxy at large, though it's changed remarkably since the time of the Plague.

A new world, to be seen through new eyes.


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