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Elegance at is finest. maybe.


Like Lightning
Alright, so I know that most of the Fringe is ragtag kind of people. But sometimes we need our elegance and class. And since I now wear a suit (every so often) and others seem to like the idea of looking good. I thought that maybe we could create armor that would give of some of the fringe look, yet seem alien in nature.


Other Helm designs
(thanks to Lord of the Rings 1st, 2nd, and 3rd age armor designs)

Intent: To create a set of elegant armor for the Lords of the Fringe. Ether for battle, or for formal occasions.
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Iron Crown
Model: Syylin Elegance
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe.
Modularity: Minor
Production: Minor (PC characters)
Material: Durasteel plates, Iron-skin, leather.
Armor that is made with the Iron skin as an underweave, Meant to cover the parts of the armor that are not covered by the Duraplast plates of armor. Each suit is made to be lighter than others of its size or counterpart.

The base is the Iron skin. Coming up to the neck it can be with or without a neck cover. The Duraplast plates are shaped like leaves, wind, or the water to allow a natural look to the armor. Giving it the ceremonial look. The chest piece is made by taking strips of the armor in a leaf pattern to allow the chest to expand, and to allow easier sitting, and bending movements. However, with this it allows for a well-placed blade to slide through, or a lucky slug shot.

The helmet can be smooth on the top, Have a crest, or have the single reverse horn shown in the picture. Each of the armor pieces can be worn separately or altogether. Each piece of the armor can be colored differently if requested. A cloak can be worn.

The armor can withstand blaster fire, and for the most part slugthrowers. The armor plates are slightly resistant to lightsabers, only allowing one strong hit, or multiple lighter hits. It can protect against shrapnel to the main body but is can’t for the face, as most of the helm is open.
Weight: 12kgs.
Quality: 5
Other Feature(s): Small resistance to lightsabers, blasters and slugthrowers.