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Edward Haus

Edward Haus

Edward Haus

NAME: Edward Haus


SPECIES: Human, Corellian

AGE: 25

SEX: Male


WEIGHT: 165lbs

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


Edward is a tinkerer, whenever he has the free time he's elbow deep into the components of the Dynasty. He had a crazy amount of mechanical and technical knowledge in his head, and he could fix anything in a pinch.

As a boy, Edward learned that it usually ended a lot better talking out of confrontation then fighting out of one. He still retains a lot of that knowledge and is known to be a very smooth talker.

Along with his skills in charm and speech, he looked very trustworthy. Maybe it was just his charming personality and dashing good looks. He used the trust people gave him to gain information, and insight. He never used his aurora of trustworthiness to hurt unless he needed to.

As every Corellian was, Ed was a good pilot.


Edward grew up without a father, well he did. Just not a good one. So he is still trying to figure out what kind of man he should be. This can cause him to hesitate when it came to touchy subjects and give him a bit of an immature side.

Edward is Corellian, and that inherently meant he was a good pilot. But on the downside, this caused him to feel too good and cocky. He had an increased chance of taking risks when he was flying.

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Edward was born into rough life. He learned that pretty early on. His father Markus, was nothing but a drunk loose cannon. His mother Sara, a loving and sweet woman. Had to work for hours upon hours to give Edward somewhat of a childhood.

Ed was a loner, never really becoming friends with anyone. Spending every free second he had in the small converted from a closet workshop he'd set up. Building toys, droids, and any number of gadgets.

As Edward grew up into a teen, his father became more drunk.. It got to the point to when one night, while Ed was hidden away in his hideaway of a workshop his father got home. Ed didn't hear him come in or go up the stairs, but he could smell the alcohol from even in his shop. He kept working until he heard a bone chilling scream for help.

He raced up into his parent's bedroom only to see his mother sprawled out across the bed, a dozen red holes scattered about her torso... and standing right next to her was his father. His eyes red, tears streaming down his cheeks.

And that was the last time he'd seen his father. He didn't give him any time to defend himself. Edward ran, and ran. Until he found himself in the middle of the Outer Rim with no money.

He (at the age of 17) ended up joining a smuggling crew, learned the business. He became a good pilot, and a good negotiator. Getting his captain a plethora of good deals. So many so he was promoted to the captains second in command.

Then they found the Dynasty... And for some crazy reason that to this day Edward didn't understand... The captain gave it to him. Free of charge. Granted the ship was a rusted bucket at the moment but after two years of smuggling and saving up every credit he managed to get her space worthy and smuggling worthy.

With the Dynasty, Edward was easily able to earn back the money he'd spent on her, and then some.

Now, at 25 years old, he needed a job.

And this is where we find him today...



The Dynasty is a YG-4210 and she was Edward's pride and joy. He'd found her in the middle of the Tatooine desert; alone, rusting, battered, and abandoned. He poured every credit he could spare into fixing and upgrading her. He upped her firepower, shields, cargo holds, everything... and then there were her engines... He swore he had the fastest hauler out there (as did every other smuggler) and the Dynasty held to that claim.

Edward was a bit of a loner, much preferring the solitude he had in his ship a lone. So, he rigged up an amazing set up for automated... everything. With a button push the Dynasty could fly, land in a station's hangar, load up on inventory, and leave.

The Dynasty was fast, strong, and had a whole lot of space for cargo, be it weapons or a herd of cattle.



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