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Edric Aybara


Purple Haze
Edric "Hammer" Aybara


NAME: Edric Aybara
FACTION: Mandalorains/ Mythosaur Customs and Arms
RANK: Initiate / Master Tradesmen
SPECIES: Mandalorian born Human
AGE: 66
HEIGHT: 6' 6"
WEIGHT: 320lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Grey
SKIN: White
LANGUAGES: Mando'a, Basic, and Bad Basic.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
++Weapons and Armorsmith: Edric is from a long line of Mandalorian Smiths and has achieved master class in the trade.
++Machinist: Edric is a very skilled Machinist and can make nearly anything from the raw materials required.
+ Melee and hand to hand fighter: Erdic is very dangerous in close quarters
- Cantankerous: Edric has been through alot in his rather long life, and the recent death of his second wife in the invasion of Mandalore has added to an already less than cheery disposition.
- Poor eyesight: Edric is slowly losing his vision, and though it doesn't effect his work his aim is not what it once was.

Crusader class Beskar'gam
20 lbs WarHammer
Mandalorian Ripper Pistol


I dunnah have tyme to gho flittin about all willy nilly like some kind O' wee bird.

Edric is the eldest son of Kom'rk Aybara and Rav Ordo. Edric began his training at five years old and by 15 was granted journeyman status as a smith. By the age of 30 he was married with two children and considered a Master in his craft. At 35 he was widowed and left to raise his now 4 children by himself. He was remarried at 45 and had 2 more children, and was moderately happy until he was once again widowed when the deathwatch detonated a nuclear device near Keldabe, where he was living. Edric has now decided to take a more active role in the Affairs of his clan and assist Aliit'buir Ordo in getting the clan back to its former glory and also help arm and equip a new generation of Mandlorian warrior, even if he Complains a bit while doing it.