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Echoes of Fate (Private Training Thread)

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
Walking down the narrow streets of Endor Tarika quickly gets to a secluded spot on the planet, she is restarting her own training so she could become more skilled and powerful with her own abilities and powers so that she could deal more damage and for far longer than usual, as she walks down the narrow path she finds a nice and cozy place and seats herself down on the planet, as she seats she begins to meditate to unlock her mind and true potential.

Tarika, being a sorceress and having the ability to harness the more raw powers of the force she relaxes her own mind and becomes more focused as she meditates trying to train her own mind to become more powerful and resistant to the force, she is reluctant to do solo training but knows it needs to be done..

(Every few hours I will return to train Tarika, so for now this will sit idle just as it is)

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
Sitting there Tarika continues to meditate and focuses her training on her pyrokinesis meditating on the force she holds out her hand and begins to focus on the force while unlocking her mind on the dark side of the force, her brain starts to unravel on the mysteries of the force and begins to feel the light side call to her, she can feel the warmth of the dark side and can hear the echoes of the force calling into her mind and asking her to unlock her pyrokinesis, as she sits here she can feel the force pulling her closer to the dark side, she can feel the warmth of the force and can hear the vibrant echoes of the force telling her to unlock the force's dark side and to unlock her potential in pyrokinesis, as she meditates she focuses on a single echo.

While focusing she holds out her hand and summons the dark side into her palm as she holds out her hand she slowly manifests the force into her palm as energies and focuses on the echoing voice in her head, she hold her hand in a claw and can feel the energies being collected in her grasp. She feels the never ending heat of the force in her palm and finds it feels very good; as she collects the force she makes sure to just collect the energies.

As she slowly harnesses the pyro energies she collects it and finds it to be reassuring and calming, the heat of her palms is quite comforting and allows her to know that she is doing well, her mind continues to focus on the bitter-sweet echoes of the dark side calling to her, as she continues to collect the force she is suspended in thought to focus her mind on altering the form of the pyro energies, snapping her fingers she ignites her own finger tips to start a flame on it, her minds eyes allowing for the altering of the flame and engaging the flame with it’s own insight as the flame slowly grows brighter and stronger on her finger tip, the fire element allowing for a disturbing resonance within the force and her own inner flame begging to do more with fire, her own inner demonic unlocking around the calming heat of the flame and the internal voices of the dark side calling her into releasing her inner fire storm.

As she slowly makes the flame stronger it glows with a bitter light that calls to Tarika, her own mind allowing for the flame to be controlled while she holds it on her finger tip, the flame now resonating with dangerous echoes, she calls to the flame to become bent to her own will, Tarika slowly calms her inner demonic and consumes the flame on her own finger trying to harness the energies, as she opens her eyes she sees the flame on her finger tip as it consumed her own finger in it’s eternal flame, standing up she starts to bend the fire and makes it dance around her own finger, finding this to be entertaining she quickly forces the flame to grow more stronger and solid on her fingers as It dances around, as it does she calls to the force to force the flame to rest in her palm and works on collecting more energies to make the flame grow more, the energies quickly manifest in her own palm and the fire element quickly grows with more malicious intent. As she collects more and more energies she finds as the time continues to edge on it becomes more easier and less taxing to get her own fire abilities going, as she continues to focus the force into her palm she makes it to grow stronger and finds her whole hand, with another snap of her fingers, gets eaten by flames.

As Tarika continues to train her pyrokinesis she quickly dissipates the flame and then snaps her fingers again and the flame is covering her whole hand, as she looks at it she smirks confidently and focuses on the flame to transfer enough to her other hand, focusing on the force to command the flame to clone itself and spread to her other hand she quickly forces it to clone itself and conquer her other hand, when it does she then concentrates on it growing more until it is over her arms up to her own elbow, she is proud.

As she stands there she continues to concentrate on the flame and finds it’s now calling her to, as she continues to regard it with authority she looks to a sparring droid that had just walked through the door and smirks arrogantly as It does, she then closes her taloned fists and ignites more of the flame so it’s now up to her shoulders, the droid peering at her with confusion she holds up her own fists and calls for the flame to be sprayed at the droid, it does as she commands it to do and it shoots out in a spraying flame and ignites the droid and sets it ablaze, as she see’s what she has done she then decides to play with the flame a little more as she looks to the top of the building she begins to shoot off fire balls and targets single targets. As she sets the place ablaze she quickly focuses the force to draw the energies back into her own body.

As she focuses on the pyro energies she quickly works to finding the source to suck the fire and flames back into her own body to better train her own abilities, as she does this she manifests an inner lock on her own abilities so that she can always keep control of them, she focuses her mind to call the energies back to her and slowly begins the tedious work of drawing the energies back into her own body, the works is quite life changing but not taxing since she has a way with flames, it is her own affinity to be a sorceress and she is very skilled with sorcery, even it if it flames and sparks, but she also craves more, eventually she will need to train more sorcery abilities but for now flame sorcery will have to work for the benefit of the survival of the Lords of the Fringes.

Tarika, the flame sorceress…a mighty and powerful one at that, has a ring to it…as she focuses her own mind she works to unlocking her full potential with the flame sorcery and after a bit of standing meditation she sees the door in her own soul that needs to be unlocked, moving closer to it she can see her own name and the symbol of a fire bird and then she feels the heat grow stronger and can feel the flame growing more powerful, as she can feel her own abilities growing inside of her own body she can feel the flame calling, no screaming to her in a melody only she would know to unlock and claim the power of the flames, as she quickly unlocks the room of her own mind, body, and soul she works to claim the power within…it is hard work but she eventually does It and then opens her own eyes and looks at the burning building and begins to use the force to draw in the fire energies that have the building lit up like a birthday cake and quickly draws the power into herself. It is very, very powerful and she feels more alive when she does this, as if it was a calling from day one.

She then looks to the droid as it is still burning and focuses her own abilities to draw in the fire energies from them droid to her own body, the flame energies listen and quickly return to her own body, she then snaps her own fingers and finds the flame is now covering her own arms and hands up to her shoulders and sprays flames back at the droid and the building until she has made a huge burning of the building and then begins to draw in all back in, she is liking what she is doing and finds it to be very good work, as the flame is becoming easier to command and Tarika is growing in power with it, drawing the power and energies is more gratifying than anything else and it is also life saving, she can use it to slowly torture captives, and to help put out burning buildings should they be attacked by enemy forces, it is very good to have this abilities like she does…. As she draws it in she grows in power and becomes stronger, and more skillful in the ability.

Tarika the ignites more of her own body and commands the flame to grow more over her own body, as it does she finds it covering her chest and legs, she commands it more and finds it listening and soon finds it covering her entire body she quickly lobs off fire balls and sprays flame everywhere and find she has set fire to the entire building, she loves her own work and finds it very gratifying and then, after setting flame to the biggest fire ever she begins to draw it back into her own body and finds herself growing in power and ability more as she does it, she grows with excitement and quickly draws it back in herself, as she does she snaps her own fingers and ignites her own body, the power not only is amazing but it now is commanded by her, so she does what she needs to to grow moreso with it and sprays it out in arcs and begins to once again set the building ablaze and then draws it back in, then she sits back down and begins to meditate to the power.

As she meditates tot it she begins to unlock the rest of the ability to use at her will, she now has a fire form and now has a fire power so that she can use against enemies, it is amazing and it is gratifying and as she sits in meditation she works quickly to unlock the rest of her own potential with it, as she sits there she snaps her own fingers and finds the flame did as she commanded of it and just made a single flame on her finger, making it dance around on her own finger she smirks and chuckles and continues to work her magic to unlock her full potential, as she quickly claims her power and ability she works against the clock to become the most dangerous flame sorceress ever.

Tarika feels amazing, as she continues to unlock rooms of her own mind, body, and soul she quickly harnesses the full power of her own flame sorcery and then moves quickly against time to unlock the rest of her own potential and then finds that her own power intensified as she quickly unlocks more doors of her mind, body, and soul to unlock her full potential. Tarika has done well, she finds the last room and finds she needs to hack through it to unlock it, entering codes and pushing keys into the door she finds it wont unlock, she finds it is difficult to unlock and then finds it is the room with the most power, but she can’t enter it until she proves herself, how does one simply prove themselves to this door? She focuses more to grow her own power and in meditation starts her own body on fire and then attempts to make her own fire form stronger, she works quickly but finds it growing easier and then strengthens her own flames and fire form, it takes awhile but she quickly does it, and she finds it is more powerful than anything else, as she works quickly to intensify the flame and fire she hears the door of the room unlocking and finds her own fire form is five times stronger than what it was and then steps inside the room during meditation still lit, she can hear the voice of the force moreso inside this room and as she steps inside a wave of energy passes through her and her own fire and flames quickly dissipates but when she lights her body up again she finds it is ten times more powerful and she quickly gathers the flames and comes from meditation, she has just seized the main room of her own pyrokinesis and then looks around and stands.

As she looks around she smirks and then ignites her whole body and finds it is powerful, she then sprays flames and shoots fireballs everywhere and then draws it back into her own body. The ability is amazing and she commands it, as she continues to collect the energies she ignites only her arms and hands up to the elbow and uses telekinesis to lift up the droid and shoot fireballs at him, she finds it works well then she send the droid flying and shoots flames at it, this worked a little too well and she calls it Rogue Tracker, since it is not a sith technique and sith she is a rogue jedi…. As she shoots the flame at the droid she then quickly drew it back into her own body before it hits the droid and finds her work is finally coming to a draw, as she finds her own abilities fully under her own command, she then lifts up a cleaning droid with telekinesis and sprays flames at it, the thing ignited and she uses her own powers to increase the flame on the cleaning droid and then watches as it explodes from the heat and the intensity of the flames, she smirks and then looks over to the sparring droid.

Tarika then uses a force pull on it and as it is hurled after her Tarika shoots off fireballs at It and watches as it ignites, she then side steps the flying fire droid and uses her own mind to increase the intensity of the flames that now cover the droids body, she increases it and it explodes…the thing dies in a fire heap of roasted metal. Afterward she then looks around and begins to set things on fire and finds her work in nearly complete, as she begins to draw in the energies back into her own body she quickly learns more about control and quickly puts the building back out, she then tries one last thing and ignites her own body and jumps into the air, she finds it’s easier said than done but finds it is freeing, as she lobs off fireballs she then ignites everything around and then draw in back into her own body, she then extinguishes her own flame and begins to meditate again.


Meditating on the very essence of the force Tarika concentrates hard on the part of her mind that is hiding her full potential for the ability of spark, as she unlocks quickly the ability force spark she quickly manifests the energies surrounding her in the air and starts to electrify the currents of the air around her, she knows that after she is done training the building with need to be repaired majorly since she did just try to burn it down, as she collects the energies she goes into the first room and begins to unlock it, as she does she walks in a begins to hear a new force voice, this one different but very similar, it calls to her to open her mind more to sorcery, it asks if she is capable of harnessing hen mysteries of the force and the raw power of the dark side, as she focuses more she feels the force begin to intrude on her to help to open herself up to it and begins to cause a major rift in the electrified air currents of the force.

As Tarika continues to meditate she can feel the force flowing over her and can feel the force being opened up to her, she goes to the second door and blasts it open and steps inside, as she does she finds the force flowing around her and begins to collect the electric energies into her own palm with a claw and slowly collects the energies into her own hand, as she slowly collects the energies she engages deep meditation and roams around the second room, she opens her mind more to the room and looks around, it looks like her room when she was young, her old favorite holo-show was being played and she continues to look around wondering what it is for, why has the force brought me here? She asks in her own mind and then finds the purpose, as she wanders to the bed the force calls out to her as the electric currents of the air grow stronger, on the bed she can see the force being pooled to her and it grows stronger, she grabs the force pool on the bed and suddenly the room becomes unlocked to her.

She walks out of that room and finds her way to the third room and finds her own lock on the door, yet this one looks familiar as well, she has no clue why it looks so familiar but it just does, as she unlocks the door of the room she wanders inside and feels the strength of her own electrical energies grow solid and strong and then she enters and finds a new puzzle to unlock, it’s a game of trick the conscious and she begins to unlock the Puzzle box, rotating the corners she finds It is a hard one since the corners are odd, different shapes and sizes and then she begins to work on the middle, she places the pieces together but finds one problem to her own solution, she finds the puzzle cannot be redone this way, it is indeed a tricky one.

As she opens her own mind more to the force she begins to do the puzzle box again and concentrates on the outside layers, the edges once again.... as the edges slowly come into shape she locked them together and felt a small surge in electrical currents, as she worked on the body of the puzzle box she slowly turned it and made for a clicking noise and then locked the body and felt the surge in pooling energies, as she then worked on the middle, the last she quickly locks it into place and feels the force open up more to her, she feels serious gratitude for what she has done already, walking out of that room and toward another, the fourth room of many she then opens the door and walks inside, she can see it is a bathroom, the tub filled with water and a light flickering, as she quickly finds her own path she quickly works to unlocking this new room, as she looks around she finds a small key and then finds the light cut out and the room went dark, opening up her mind yet again she searches the room with her mind for what the room is for, the then calls for the force ad starts collecting her spark in her own palm, looking at the light she tosses a stream of electricity at the light and it returns lighting up the room for her, the light was the key to unlocking the room and she feels more power surging through her own body and find her hand, the clawed hand is now surging with spark energies and she then opens her own eyes and finds another droid, a cleaning one enter the arena to clean the droid parts up and looks at it, she then collects the force around her hand more and send a stream of spark at the droid, it surges through the machinery of the droid and shorts in out, as she stand she smirks and looks around the room.

As she looks around it she then focuses more on the room and then spark, as she gets into her Jedi Ready Stance she throws the stream at the walls and as it bounces off she collects it to her and then tosses it at another wall, it bounces off and she collects it and tosses it yet again at the door this time before she hits the door she calls it back and it listens and returns to her, as she calls it back she catches it in her hand and send it flying up to the rafters of the building, it bounces around and then comes back to her and she catches it again in her palm and then closes her hand on it making it into nothing, she then focuses the energies around her and calls upon the force and then manifests the electric spark yet again and then seats herself, meditating again she focuses on the spark growing stronger, she can feel the spark calling to her and she can sense the spark bending slowly to her will.

As she remains seated she meditates and slowly increases the strength of the spark and finds it slowly bending more to her will and slowly growing stronger, this is not taxing at all but it does prove to be useful, as she harnesses her own abilities she forces the spark to grow more stronger and can feel the strength of it growing in her hand, it is very good and finds it bending to her will more easily, as she makes it grow she smirks and then bends the spark into a spherical form and then makes it grow in strength and then feels it become more fortified and stronger, it is very gratifying but also time consuming but not taxing.

As Tarika slowly forces to spark to grow in strength, density and power she returns to the rooms and then walks out of the bathroom, as she does she walks to the next room, the fifth one and begins to unlock the door, as she does she focuses her own mind on getting the key into the lock and then turns the lock and in return turns the door knob and then enters, as she slowly enters the room it turns into a cellar of some type, old light bulb flickering in the room and chanting music playing, as she walks deeper into the room she quickly manifests a spark in her own hand and tosses it at the bulbs in succession, each time calling it back to her before sending it off into the next bulb, slowly she light every one of them and then sees a shadow, hearing the force call to her she sends a powerful stream of spark into the shadow and finds the shadow disappear and suddenly the room was unlocked to her and she felt the spark grow stronger and more dense, the room felt warm but also electrified, as she walked out of the room she quickened her pace and got to the sixth room and then unlocked the door and walked inside, another puzzle yet this one was a picture puzzle, as she went over to it she looked at it and begun to reconstruct the puzzle to it’s finished form.

As she continues to work on it she finds some of the pieces don’t match and tries to fit them into the puzzle but finds she cannot, what is the point of this puzzle she asks herself in a low tone and then looks it over, most of the puzzle matches but other pieces have absolutely not matching quality as she looks it over she figures it out, the puzzles image is a battlefield, no battle can truly be won unless there are a sacrifice, she realized the puzzle was never meant to be completed and so her realization of this unlocked the room and she felt calmer and more complete.

Wandering out of the room and into the next she finds no power to the room, this one was completely devoid of light and from what it appears no way to light it either, as she slowly creeps into the room she focuses her spark and sends it into the walls, each time making it return before making it dance into another wall, there were absolutely no lights in the room and no way to light the room… the point of the room is hidden even from Tarika. As she looks over the room she slowly tries to locate the purpose and realizes it is the last room, the seventh is the last room and the one granting her true power and control over her own sparks.

As she returns from meditation she looks at the training arena and then stands up, she focuses her mind and power and then sends the stream of spark dancing around the room, a she does she can feel it growing in strength and power, each time making it return to her and then sending it out again, another droid enters the room…this time a protocol droid and she uses her telekinesis to lift it up and harnesses the force and then shoots a stream of spark at the droid, as she does this she quickly manifests the stream to grow in more power and shoots it at the droid she aims it for it’s head and rapidly shoots it at it, it hits the droid dead in the eye and then a frying sound was made, she then all to it and it returns to her and she uses a force push and then watches as the droid flies toward a wall, right before it hit she aimed the spark for it’s chest and then blasts the droid with it sending it clanking into the wall hard and against the ground, the droid was totally done for.

She then aims her spark for the rafters yet again and send it away from her it slams into the rafters of the tall ceilings and bounces around destroying some of the rafters and shooting around the ceiling, each time she called it back just to send it away again, she seen her work and then smirked confidently, she had grown extremely powerful in her own abilities and then sent the spark into another droid that just entered into the arena, another cleaning droid, as she did so she made it bounce off a wall and then into the droid, it’s body fried and then she called it back to her and send it rapidly into the droid, it pierced the metal body of the droid and drilled a hole into it’s body.

She then called it back and held it in her palm, tarika was so proud and then seated herself yet again and slowly entered into a deep meditation, she looked around the dark room and even bounced the spark around the room until she seen it, a cylander object, almost a sphere near the back of the room, she called the spark back and listened to the force as she did she shot the streaming spark into the the object and watched as it slowly lit, she called it back just to toss it again, it lit a little more and then she called it back and tossed it again this time waiting enough time for the spark to grow in strength, as she threw it she hurled in into the object and ended up lighting the object more, she did this a few times more before the object lit the whole room and then she looked around and found the room offered more to her than just to be unlocked, she sent the spark into more objects and watched as they were either lit up or interacted with the spark, it was an amazing sight then she quickly forced the spark to disappear and walked out of the room since it was now unlocked and felt the immense surge of power erupt in her.

Lifting out of meditation Tarika then stood and practices some more, as she did she sent the sparks through walls and then allowed it to grow more powerful in her grasp, she waited for the next droid to enter and then twirled on her heel and sent the spark arcing into the droid as it struck it it sent the droid flying hard into a wall and even fried it. She was very powerful now and would keep it this way. As she called it back she then held it in her palm and then made it dance across her own fingers, as she did she then made it turn into two streams and then made them both dance around her fingers on both hands, she watched as they did and smirked more as she held complete control over her own ability, she felt more powerful and felt more in control, almost as if she could defeat the more worthy of opponents, as she held the sparks on her finger tips she focused them on the tips of her ringers and then forced them to combined back into one and then made it disappear, she had the control and power and she would use it to benefit the lords of the fringe to succeed in surviving the most hostile battles and would allow them to engage any enemy with more of a success rate.

She then returned to a seated position and then meditated some more on it to focus her mind back into completing the power upgrade, as she did she pooled the force around her and contained her own soul inside of it, forcing the bond to grow more steadily she focused on boding her own soul with both her abilities, once this was complete she opened her own eyes and then rose…she was finally done and finally completed her training, she felt better…so much more better.