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Approved Tech ECD-26 Deimos/Alastor

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Light version: Alastor Heavy Version: Deimos

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Intent: To create Elite Combat Droids that have a variety of uses for the Fel Imperium.
Development Thread: N/A, but will do if needed
Manufacturer: Bugnology R&M
Model: Comparable with the BX-series Commando droid, but with tougher armor and more intelligence
Affiliation: Fel Imperium
Modularity: Yes, to Armament, Shielding and Misc. Equipment.
Production: Minor
Alastor: Deimos:
- Carbo-plast (armor) - Tunqstoid-Titanium alloy (armor)
- Durasteel, etc. (internal parts) - Durasteel, etc. (internal parts)
This droid was designed by Zrs'fes to fill the roll of a multipurpose Combat droid. There are two version: The Light Armor version (Subcategory name: Alastor-ECD) and the Heavy Armor version (Subcategory name: Deimos-ECD). The Alastor is used for infiltration, assassination, recon, etc. due to its light armor and high agility. The Deimos is used for Heavy Infantry Support, VIP protection, Elite soldiers, etc. due to their heavy armoring and high durability. The Heavy version can be used as a kind of ''walking shield'' for less armored troops, which makes them great in small scale engagements, but they can also be used in large scale engagements, while the Light version is more effective when it operates on its own or in small tactical squads of 2-5 Droids.
Classification: Fourth Degree
Weight: 350 kg
Height: 1,87 m
Movement: Bipedal
Alastor/Light Version standard Equipment: Deimos/Heavy Version standard Equipment:
- E-11 Blaster Rifle - RTC-97 Heavy Blaster Rifle
- Vibroblade - Virbosword
- Wristmounted Shields - Wristmounted Shields

Misc. Equipment:
Both versions:
- Full Spectrum Visual Sensors
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