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Approved Tech EA-9 Hunters

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Like Lightning

Thanks to COLDRUM The art of Jeremy Love.
Intent: To create a Jedi Hunter droid that can perform the tasks of Guard, Assassin, and
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Sienar Army Systems.
Model: EA-9 Hunter Droid
Affiliation: The Sith Empire (formerly, now open market)
Modularity: Minor
Production: Minor
Material: Duranium, Durasteel
The EA-9 Hunter droid was created to be a guard for the Sith Masters (if they choose to have any) and to act as Assassins for the Empire. Their full intent and purpose is to serve their Master and to die if need be. The droids programing is that of complete loyalty to the Sith Empire, or others who are with the Empire. It was modeled after the Prototype of the EG-5 Jedi hunter Droid as it was destroyed during the Clone wars.

The body is made of Duranium and Durasteel, with a body that stands 2 meters tall, and is usually adorned in some configuration of armor given ether by their master or the creator, Most tend to look similar to the EG-5 Prototype. They have their own cognitive processor to think on the spot, as well as a vocal box to speak. However, they are limited to only two languages to speak. Each droid can be trained in different forms of the Lightsaber, as the same with the voice, only two can be kept as a go to form. If a different form is to be learned, then it must erase one from memory and replace it with the desired form.

With the Humanoid like body, it has super human reflexes, strength, and speeds. The hands can spin in a complete 360 degree turn many times without having to turn back. The upper body can spin in a 360 degree turn as well. Allowing for a lot of coverage in attacking or protecting. In the left arm is a grappling hook that can be shot out to a range of 10 meters. In the right arm is a wrist blaster that can fire 20 shots before the blaster has to charge up of a time of three minutes before use again. A secondary feature is the blaster can be charged into larger powered bolts, but it takes more ammo the more time it has to charge. A single second hold takes up 2 shots, a 2 second hold takes up 5 shots, a 3 second hold takes 10 shots, a 4 second takes 15, and with a five second hold, it uses all of the available shot energy.

The droids are weak to Lighting or Emp attacks, By the strength of the attack will determine what happens to the droid, Ether it slows down, Freezes for a moment, or with enough power can shut down the droid for a few minutes. The droids cannot go under water unless they have been given the proper equipment that covers their “vitals” from water. Getting water into their systems can result in frying, possible memory loss, and if enough water is in the system, can kill the droid. It is very hard for the droid to sneak up on people, as its size and weight can ruin the element of surprise.
Classification: Fourth Degree
Weight: 160 Kgs.
Height: 2 meters.
Movement: Bipedal
An assortment of Lightsabers
(Depending on the Droids fighting preference of the forms in lightsaber combat).
Blaster in Right arm
Grappling cord in left arm.
Misc. Equipment:
Aim assist sensor
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