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E-11/S Standardized Imperial Infantry Blaster Rifle

Travis Caalgen


  • Manufacturer: Imperial Advanced Weapons Research
  • Model: E-11 Blaster Rifle
  • Affiliation: The Imperial Remnant, Closed-Market
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material:
    Titanium-lined Interior
  • Duraplast-reinforced Alusteel Frame
  • Rubberized Durasteel Stock
  • Internal Blaster Components

  • Classification: Multi-Setting Blaster Rifle
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length:
    43.8 cm - Folded Stock
  • 62.5 cm - Extended Stock

[*]Weight: 2.6 kg
[*]Ammunition Type:
  • Standard Power Cell
  • Plasma Gas Cartridges

[*]Ammunition Capacity:
  • Power Cell - 100 Blasts/Stun Rings | 10 Sonic Blasts
  • Gas Cartridge - 500 Blasts/Stun Rings

[*]Effective Range:
  • Optimal Range - 100 m
  • Maximum Range - 300 m

[*]Rate of Fire:
  • Semi-Automatic - Slow Rate of Fire | Improved Accuracy | Less Recoil | Smaller Spread
  • Automatic - Fast Rate of Fire | Reduced Accuracy | Greater Recoil | Larger Spread
  • Pulse-Fire - Moderate Rate of Fire | Moderate Accuracy | Moderate Recoil | Moderate Spread

Stormtroopers armed with E-11/S Blaster Rifles

  • Lethal Blast 'Kill' Setting
  • Non-Lethal Blast 'Sting' Setting
  • Non-Lethal Stun Setting
  • Lethal Sonic Blast Setting
  • Universal Scope-Linked Combat MicroComputer
  • MicroComputer-Enhanced Ring Reticle 2x Optical Scope (Compensates for Dark, Hazy, and Smoky conditions)
  • Supplementary Scope MicroComputer (Displays weapon status; i.e. ammunition count, weapon setting, rate of fire)
  • Improved Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition Systems
  • Scope Tactical HUD Interface (Connects to helmets capable of receiving; i.e. Stormtrooper helmets)
  • Extendable Stock
  • Integrated Flashlight
  • Universal Quick-Detach Sight Rail
  • K-40 All Purpose Launcher Under-barrel Mount (Only available with stock extended)
  • Grappling Hook Loading Mechanism
  • Belt Clip
  • Versatile
  • Small and Light
  • Improved Accuracy - Standard/Stun/Sonic Semi-Automatic
  • Reduced Recoil - Standard/Stun Semi-Automatic
  • Fast Rate of Fire - Automatic
  • Anti-Force User Capabilities - Sonic Blast
  • Moderate Ammunition Capacity
  • Technologically Superior
  • Slow Rate of Fire - Standard/Stun/Sonic Semi-Automatic
  • Jack of all Trades, Master of none
  • Reduced Accuracy - Standard Automatic
  • Greater Recoil - Standard Automatic/Sonic
  • Low Ammunition Capacity - Sonic
  • Vulnerable to EMP/Ion

During the time of the First Galactic Empire, the E-11 was built to replace the ever aging DC-15A that had been the weapon of choice for the Republic's Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars. A new weapon for a new army, the Imperial Army and Stormtroopers Corps, the E-11 was designed by BlasTech Industries to be a versatile but effect blaster rifle for the face of the Empire.

Even though the recoil was an issue with many Imperial stormtroopers throughout the years, the E--11 was a popular design that required BlasTech to permit SoroSuub and Merr-Sonn to manufacture them to keep up with demand, sprouting many variants of the famous rifle.

Overview: The E-11/S Blaster Rifle is the Imperial Remnant's attempt at retro-fitting and improving an age-old design that reached its peak almost a millennia ago in a different time. The aesthetics as well as many of the functions of the rifle remain the same with the old version of the E-11.

Integrated into the blaster as well as the scope that is manufactured along with it are several microcomputers that work in tandem to display specifics into the optics of the ring reticle scope, such as the current rate of fire setting and blaster mode. There are also utilities on the blaster, those being an integrated flash light, a universal rail for any iron sights that the owner wishes to add, as well as mechanisms in the blaster that can load darts, flares, and grappling hooks to assist the soldier during battle.

An extendable stock remains which when folded can be used as an grip to improve accuracy even further. When unfolded and extended behind the blaster, there is a designated area for any grenade launcher to be attached to increase combat effectiveness. Versatility makes a great comeback as well on the E-11/S, the scope's various computers are able to interface with any helmet able to display a heads up display. Another versatile feature is that any power pack that is for a blaster can be used to charge the blaster's ammunition.

This blaster features four different weapon settings compared to the three that were featured before, but keeps the same rate of fire settings, those being the standard semi-automatic, contained pulse-fire, and wild automatic. The first setting is the regular lethal blast or 'kill' which is the normal weapon used on battlefields and during guard duty.

The second setting is a non-lethal stun setting that has a varying power level dependent on the size of the target, the effect of being hit with a stun 'ring' just causes the target to be forced into a state of unconsciousness, which can allow for the owner of the weapon to carry on unhindered; this is perfect for peacekeeping duties as well as capturing persons of interest without seriously harming them during a firefight.

Tertiary to blast and stun is a less-used 'sting' setting which is non-lethal as the stun is but it does not render the target unconscious, instead it causes the slightest amount of pain upon impact, most likely deterring the target from repeating an action that was judged unfavorable by the wielder, a setting that works terrifyingly well for quelling the populace without killing anyone during a civilian uprising.

Last but not least is an unorthodox fourth setting, a sonic blast designed to combat the ever increasing amount of Force users in the galaxy, be it Jedi, Sith, or any other hokey religion. The blast is capable, at close ranges, of liquefying the insides of a target as well as overloading the senses at medium to long ranges.



The 'standard' firing setting for the E-11/S blaster rifle as well as its predecessor. The blast setting uses power from any feasible source and tibanna gas from plasma cartridges to combine the two down the length of the barrel to form a 'bolt' of energy, heat, and light that when impacts against a target, be it organic or not, leaves a black scorch mark on contact and pierces through matter, heating flesh and durasteel alike.

This setting is unique from other settings, being the fact that this is where the two rate of fires come into play. Semi-Automatic is the normal rate of fire setting, its 'slow', but offers improved accuracy, reduced recoil, and a smaller spread which can be a burden depending on the current situation. Second to this is a 'rapid fire' automatic setting, which is much faster than its counter-part but has lower accuracy, more recoil, and a increased spread, which can be used to hit even more targets.



A non-lethal alternative to the blast setting of the E-11, the stun setting uses the same energy that is used by blast, but it ionizes it which causes the target upon impact to be rendered unconscious, depending on the power level, which ranges from a small creature to a larger-than-person beast.

When fired, a blue ring-like ray emits from the blaster barrel in the direction designated by the wielder, a byproduct of the wasted photonic energy that would usually be used to create a deadlier blaster bolt. Stun can only be used in a semi-automatic firing mode, along with the other firing settings save for blast.



Another non-lethal, at least in small amounts, setting of the E-11. Its function is almost the same as stun, intended to not seriously harm the person that is being targeted. The 'sting' setting differs from stun in the fact that it is designed to inflict a small amount of pain on impact, sort of a toned down blaster bolt.

The 'sting' bolt in question has a yellow glow, due to the reduced energy and heat in the bolt compared to the blast setting. It is a perfect for deterring a target that you don't want to kill, such as dispersing a crowd during a riot. 'Sting' is best described as the blaster equivalent of a rubber slugthrower bullet.



A setting even more deadlier than the standard blast, the Sonic Blast was implemented into the E-11/S to give Imperial troopers an effective weapon to use against the Jedi of the Galactic Alliance during its part in the current FO-GA Conflict. Not just effective against a Jedi, it can combat all sorts of force users including Sith and Grey Jedi due to its inability to be deflected by a lightsaber.

The sonic blast setting utilizes massive amounts of energy to form sonic energy which is further trapped in a containment field that is launched from the blaster as a 'sphere' which when ruptured by contact with solid objects or energy, will proceed to explode in an omnidirectional blast.

At close ranges (approx. 0 m - 20 m), any object that has a sonic blast impact on them can, if they are living, have their internal organs and result in instant death, other objects that are non-living will result in a contained explosion at the site, fracturing solid duracrete. At ranges longer than this, the effects of the sonic blast range from serious maiming to sensory overload, both extremely effective against infantry and force users. A downside to utilizing the sonic blast is that it consumes ten-times the energy and gas than other power settings, requiring a power pack replacement after ten blasts.

Haytham Kaze

Judge, Judgury, Judgecutioner
Travis Caalgen said:
Vulnerable to EMP/Ion
Travis Caalgen said:
Duraplast-reinforced Alusteel Frame

Travis Caalgen said:
Rubberized Durasteel Stock

Travis Caalgen said:
Integrated Combat De-Ionizers

The last three quotes would suggest that your weakness is null, I think.

Additionally, I don't believe that sonic weapons use tibanna gas, or any kind of typical blaster gas for charging /fueling, Wookieepedia suggests that Exonium was instead used, even though it's not explicitly stated, this is the only actual source to state it.

[member="Travis Caalgen"]

Travis Caalgen

[member="Haytham Kaze"]

The alusteel frame, even with duraplast reinforcement, is still vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses as well as ion energy. Also, the rubberized durasteel is only on the stock, where none of the electronics are located. I did edit out the de-ionizers, that way the weakness makes more sense, and the part about tibanna gas being used for the sonic setting.

Haytham Kaze

Judge, Judgury, Judgecutioner
Travis Caalgen said:
Vulnerable to Physical Jamming
What is this supposed to mean?

Travis Caalgen said:
Old Design
This is not a weakness.

Travis Caalgen said:
Tested, Proven, and Readily Available
This is not a strength.

Personally I think it'd be for the best to say that the sonic part of the weapon is an underbarrel attachment only capable of being used when the stock is extended, with it's own additional energy source / pack. Which would of course mean dropping the launcher.

[member="Travis Caalgen"]

Travis Caalgen

[member="Haytham Kaze"]

Edited, but if you wouldn't mind I'd like to keep sonic as a blaster setting rather than an attachment.

Travis Caalgen

[member="Haytham Kaze"]

Please archive this then, I'd rather have the design the way I want it, even if it takes a re-haul.

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