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NAME: Dzuhol


RANK: Acolyte

SPECIES: Sith Pure-Blood

AGE: 18

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'11 Ft

WEIGHT: 180 Lbs

EYES: Yellow

HAIR: Black




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Dzuhol is a scholar, he spent his younger years studying the Sith archives, and searching ruins in search of knowledge of his ancient ancestors. As a result, he can call upon a wide breadth of knowledge that can aid him in his endeavors.

+ Dark Side: Due to his lineage, Dzuhol benefits from having a deeper connection with all things involving involving the dark-side. This does not mean increased force-sensitivity, but is instead indicative of a vessel attuned to the inner-workings of the force and how his emotions are given fuel through its influence.

+ - Left Hand Dominant: Dzuhol is left handed and has adjusted to fighting against right-handed opponents as well as left. His preference for left handed fighting could potentially confuse opponents as his attacks are centered around this preference, inversely, this can be seen as a weakness as well.

- Arrogant. Dzuhol shares the arrogance of his ancestors. He often bites off more than he can chew and attempts to rectify his failings by throwing blame on others. He has the tendency to overestimate, or underestimate the ability of his opponent leaving him open to whatever they can devise.

- Defense: Dzuhol's is more competent in areas of the force and suffers from heavily offensive tactics known as Juyo. While it's possible to fell his guard, he isn't entirely incapable of defending himself, but it is easy to see where his true talents lie.

Dzuhol sports a custom academy uniform constructed out of armorweave. By his side at all times is his durasteel training saber. He stands at an impressive height of five feet eleven inches. In addition, he is relatively fit due to the various excursions outside of the temple and rigorous training sessions.

Dzuhol grew up in Korriban, the nexus of the dark-side. During his adolescence, the Jedi contested the desolate world so his family fled to an underground cave-system. It is there where he was educated, trained, and culled to be a model inquisitor for the Sith. His instructors noticed his inquisitive nature, even at a early age, and urged him to study the archives of his ancestors. Thousands of hours were spent in the attempt to memorize entire accounts of Sith and dark side teachings, in order to strengthen his connection to the dark side of the force . At the age of Thirteen, Dzuhol realized reading wouldn't be enough.

This was also around the time that the Jedi had lost their foot-hold and the Sith once more presided over Korriban. With added incentive the young Dzuhol traveled across the crumbling ruins in search of understanding and power. Dzuhol's mother and father were proud of his sons success but his ideal household would soon come to an end. His mother was found having an affair with one of their servants, and in a rage, his father had struck his mother down. His father managed to keep this a secret, and instead said there was a domestic dispute and she was killed in the heat of the moment. The enraged Dzuhol confronted his father and tried kill him but was unable to as his father was too formidable. He instilled in him that weakness had to be snuffed at all cost. He wouldn't tolerate weakness from his servants, his wife, or his own son. Dshin, Dzuhol's very own father lashed out and slashed his sons face giving him the vertical scar over his left eye. Dzuhol swore vengeance no matter the cost. He would eventually kill his father. He currently resides in a New Sith Academy ; his studies still consume his life.






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