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Dugur Sazrod

Dugur Sazrod

NAME: Dugur Sazrod
FACTION: Jedi Order
RANK: Padawan
SPECIES: Devaronian
AGE: 18
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 2 meters
WEIGHT: 89kg
EYES: Brown


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Natural inclination toward bladecraft
Calm and collected

Wanders often, hard to keep in one place for too long

Has to fight his naturally aggressive nature
Terrible with Blasters

APPEARANCE: Brown Jedi robes unless undercover or attempting to blend. Wears a simple pendant symbolizing his dedication to the will of the force at all times. The pendant is a small piece of folded metal in the shape of a circle with a crude eye crafted in the middle, made when he was a child.

BIOGRAPHY: Born on Devaron to a prominent female politician and yet another space faring male, Dugur was taken by the Order shortly after he began to display signs of force sensitivity. Much to the distress of the father, who wished to take the child out with him among the stars per Devaronian tradition. The mother was farther sighted and believed Dugur would have much better opportunities to impact the Universe as a Jedi.

Since he was taken at such a young age Dugur began to forget about his parents a short while after he was taken to the Jedi Temple. As a youngling he displayed a spectacular inclination towards bladesmanship and an over zealous interest in astronomy, particularly in the mapping of hyperspace lanes. Despite the potential Dugur displayed he was often set back by a tendency toward trouble making that seemed to follow him wherever he went. The young Devaronian often wandered about areas of the temple he wasn't supposed to be in and was the type of student who pushed the edges of what was allowed without expulsion.

Despite his troublemaking tendencies not a Jedi has ever been suspicious of Dugur's motives or allegiances. He's extremely loyal to the Jedi Order and to the will of the force and try's to live by both the best he can. While a typically level headed and calm Jedi Dugur has to occasionally fight against his species nature to control his urges to respond to hostility with outright aggression. Another urge that brings him down given his current status as a Padawan is his extreme urge to travel, which is often pressed oupon when he is forced to stay at the temple for long periods. Many Knights and Masters who meet Dugur consider him restless.

SHIP: Not yet.