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Dueling to the extreme (Fabula)

Darth Torment

Walking into the dueling arena of the Tython Temple Isis walks to the center and seats herself in the middle of the ring while meditating, she had 30 minutes before the duel between her and a new master begins so she wishes to focus her mind and bring to a new calm and collectedness, as she meditates she focuses her mind to train her stamina and speed so that she could do better in combat.

This day she would be dueling to learn how to combat another with a saber, she recently returned to the Jedi and the light side and so she would need to learn to fight with a saber to be considered an effective jedi and to one day be raised to master once she has earned it, it has been a dream of hers for several years and so she would take work hard to earn her right and place as a master of the Jedi, she wanted nothing more but to be seen as a worthy candidate for being a master and one who is worthy of being called a Jedi.... so for now she would just meditate to gain in stamina and speed.

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