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Approved Tech Duel Purpose Generator

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The Butcher
  • Intent: To create an upgrade for the facilities at Al-Khali
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Al-Khali
  • Manufacturer: [member="Seras Goto"]
  • Affiliation: Individual Character Name (Seras Goto)
  • Model: Facility Generator
  • Modularity: Duel Settings

  • Production: Unique (Seras Goto)
  • Material:
    Stygium Crystal
  • Internal components
  • SHielding Generator

  • Duel Purpose Generator: Designed with a generator to enclose the facility. It is prepared and set for one setting or the other. Either a layered particle and molecular shield for protecting from attack or by disabling the shield a stygium cloaking device can be used to conceal the facility from orbital scans.
  • Duel Purpose generator: Made to give the facility options, the shielding system or the cloaking device can keep Al-Khali from being destroyed or discovered easily sinc eit has been rebuilt.
  • Generator Switch: WIth the power requirements for the generator only one setting can be used or the other. With the shielding in place it is a beacon for any sensors, with the cloaking device active it is vulnerable to attack. Trying to use both can apply a strain that will cause the power systems to blow up.
  • Switching Time: An additional dangers of the generator is the time it takes to switch over and spin up. Several minutes is required when you are switching from cloaking to shielding or vice versa.
  • Imperfect: With the snowfall on the planet the cloak of the facility is rippling when it is activated disrupting the cloak to visual sight.
Designed as a protective shielding system for Al-Khali, the facility itself is on Faustin. Built as an ancient academy and then rebuilt and cleared out by Seras and the sith who were there. Working on it as the last remnants of the Black Rose were brought into the facility eventually after its fall. Seras had the generator designed as a means to have two systems. With a switch that would be working on it for changing between the two systems. The shielding system made to protect from orbital bombardment and ground attacks. WIth a particle shield and molecular shielding layered together that lights the facility up to anyone in orbit or ont he planet. The energy output is high as it is protecting from the snow covering the facility. The secondary system is a stygium cloak built to conceal the facility, deactivating the facility shield and suffering from ripples that make it inperfect to view. The snow impacting the cloak and disrupting it.
Not open for further replies.