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Drox Eros

Drox Eros

NAME: Drox Eros


RANK: n/a

SPECIES: Test Tube Baby

AGE: 5 (Appears twenty)

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 7'4 ft

WEIGHT: 255 lbs

EYES: Pitch black with no pupils

HAIR: White

SKIN: Pale



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Reflexes: Drox's reflexes are second to none even putting some Jedi to shame, however when exhausted or hungry he won't even be able to dodge a simple slap.
+ Healing Factor: Lacking the organs of others and his the way his genes were Drox has gained a healing factor that is almost a rival to a Gen'Dai's however the healing factor takes extreme amounts of time to heal large wounds so if he gets blown to pieces he won't be seen for anywhere from months to years.
+ Zenith: Drox's physical traits are at their zenith making him stronger, and faster than most other species.
+ Disease immunity: Drox has been determined to be immune to almost all known diseases and poisons known to the galaxy.
+ Genius: Drox has the intelligence of a genius and has the possibility to be a greats tap rate gist as well as politician.

- Eyesight: due to the genes selected from the Val'Kar race Drox now sees in negative vision.
- Psychosis: Due to the the Gen'Dai genes he has a extreme case of psychosis that kicks in during stressful situations and makes him a danger to everyone around even himself.
- Sensitivity: Drox is more sensitive to pain than any other race. Something like a blaster wound would feel like he was being burnt alive which can activate his psychosis and pushes him father to the border of being insane.
- Bloodlust: The only thing that Drox can consume is the blood of others, no matter the species he can drink it. However if he eats real food like humans or other races he could become poisoned and pushed to the verge of death to where his healing factor won't respond or if he doesn't drink it often enough he will go into a full on rampage draining the nearest people.
- Sonic sound: loud sounds can cause Drox inhuman amounts of pain which will knock him unconscious. One sonic grenade could temporarily put him out of commission for a few minutes.
- paralysis: if struck right in the back of his head Drox will become paralyzed
- Metal allergy: whenever metal touches his skin it begins to eat away at his skin causing great pain
- blaster efficiency: can't shoot a blaster to save his life.
- Mental hallucinations: Drox is susceptible to having his mind effected by hallucinations caused by Force Users.

Drox is a for lack of a better term a test tube baby so in light of that fact his physical traits can be looked at in many difficult ways considering what species he was created with. Drox stands at 7'1 easily towering over most humanoids and has a body that's packed on with muscle. Luckily his Gen'Dai genes mixed well enough with the Sith blood so Drox was actually able to have skin even though it was unnaturally pale and his hair is white as snow. These are a nice contrast to his pitch black eyes that look like miniature black holes. His face is much like a Siths and his teeth are extremely predator like from his Gen'Dai and Val'Kar genes.


Created on the planet Kamino in one of the final cloning facilities Drox came to be. For who knows how many years Kamino has been trying to find there way back to the top, and they believed a new creature was perfect. That's when they created Drox using genes from some different species they toiled for years to create the perfect specimen. Five came before Drox was actually created but each died after only two days of being released from the incubator. Yet Drox was a completely different conundrum on his own. Using the last vial of Sith, Gen'Dai and Val'Kar genomes they had the Kaminoians spliced them together to get the creature Drox. After being released from the incubation chamber the Kaminoians continued to experiment on him and train him by using flash memories. Everything from the greatest battles to the most insignificant bounty hunter was poured into Drox's mind. As well as his aging being accelerated till he looked to be in his twenties however it was deactivated on his fifth year. During his fifth year though there had been a incident where he had almost been killed by a rival company who tried to keep Kamino down. Suffice to say the person didn't live to long as Drox killed him yet after seeing this act of violence what security that was on the planet locked him away in another incubation chamber and put him on a shuttle shipping him off the planet.




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