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Droideka 0793

Droideka 0793

NAME: Droideka 0793... prefer Ted
FACTION: Jorus Merrill
RANK: I am Droideka 0793
SPECIES: I am Droideka 0793... wish I was Tim
AGE: unknown data corrupted
GENDER: I am Droideka 0793... wish I was Tim... would have soft hair
HEIGHT: 1.83 meters
WEIGHT: 75 kilograms
EYES: nonvisual radiation sensors, photosensors.... wish I had brown eyes
HAIR: It would be black... dashing black... saw movie once with hair like that
SKIN: metal skin is blue


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ high rolling speed
+ shielded
+ twin built in blaster cannons
- no hands
- no voice modulator
- very difficult to modify
- sad... wishes he was Ted a human sculptor... his own secret persona

I am droideka 0793... cannot fly

Droideka 0793 aka Ted, is perhaps the oddest droid in existence. His model is in simplicity a mobile weapons platform, but became self aware aboard a dead droid controller ship. Only recently has the ship been found and power restored allowing Droideka 0793.. or Ted to reboot. His long term stand by has completely erased all data on his past missions or affiliations.




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