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Deslin Vegar

Nautolan Lady Killer
"I guess it's alright, I need to get off of this desert. It's been a while." He was certainly true about that. He had been on this rock of a planet for a pretty long time. He turned around to look out at the projector that she had put up, and his mind started to wonder, enough to make his eyes drift and slump down on the bed. He had already enough stuff on his mine, so a nap was probably enough he needed. The bed felt like a wonder, like something he never wanted to leave. He was had to put everything on a pause really quick.


Asheda Tyr

See somthing you like?
"Really you have been on this hot box for more then a few days? I just stopped here after finishing my contract with en employer, good thing I came along when I did though". Vettu placed her holo projector away as Deslin slumped back down on the bed, still tired, or just not bothered to do anything today? Well it was still morning, would take a while to warm up outside, "guess we can go for a short lewd nap". Strutting over to the well built Nautolan Vettu once again lay down with him, pressing her bare chest against his own, her hand finding their place against his warm chest, letting out a soft hum.

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