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Drinking games

The young, but slightly accomplished Mandalorian, sat at the table. Drumming his hands at the table, the mess hall sat empty, save for him. His helmet lay on the table, the black visor reflecting him in an almost mocking way. He was drinking Ne'tra gal, bottled. Something that was hard to come by, but he had wanted a good, long drink for a while now.

The Army of Light appealed to him, though it remained to be seen if Preliat's real end goal with it was, and even to him it wasn't quite clear. Maybe he wanted some clarity in light of his recent events. Maybe he wanted to give the Sith some payback for the Dark Harvest, maybe he wanted to just kill something and gain some fame and fortune through it.

Or other motives.

But right now, he was drinking by his lonesome, a few other bottles near him.
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"I know that look." Manu Xextos leaned against the side of the mess hall wall, his white clothing flowing around anaemic bones. The seven foot Echani once had been plentiful with muscle and a warrior's readiness but now the decay of centuries being frozen in crystal ate away at what muscle fibre he had left. Mandos and Echani weren't known to be on friendly terms, at least they werent' in Manu's day but another set of hands in the Army was never going to be turned down by this Star Destroyer Commander.

Walking by to grab a plate of food from the service droids, Manu sat at a table beside @[member="Preliat Mantis"] and started tucking in to his meal. "A lot on your mind, or looking to win the Galaxy's Best Drinker contest?"

There was a kindness in the Echani's piercing silver eyes, a wisdom born of growing up in dark times and overcoming each with the steady application of a greater power. "Manu Xextos. I Captain the Brynjar." For all intents, the Brynar was one of the Amy of Light's two biggest Destroyers, and yet still its Captain favoured the companionship of the Mess Hall.
Preliat stared at his helmet, seeming to ignore the man who approached him. Preliat had been grown a Mandalorian, but the prejudices that his people typically had, he didn't have. He was younger, and perhaps a newer generation helped. Also, the galaxy as a whole didn't really need to be prejudiced, after all, the man was an ally. He stopped staring at his reflection and faced the man, his brown eyes more hollow than anything. He took another sip of the beverage before drinking.

"A lot on my mind, Captain."He said dryly, a certain tone in his voice that hinted that he didn't want to talk about what was wrong with him, but the concept of conversation to him would be welcome. Though his facial expression didn't change or even slightly alter once. He then remembered to give him his name."Preliat Mantis, sir."He said plainly, tapping the beer with his finger.

@[member="Manu Xextos"]
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"That would be the look for it." @[member="Preliat Mantis"]' eyes had the sallow tint of a hollow war battling for the prestige of clear sight. The man glared at his helmet as Manu once had done in the Sun Guard Museum centuries before, facing the dim sheen of a metal helmet worn through worse times than these.

Manu nodded and continued shovelling food in his mouth, "Nice t'meetcha Preliat. Mind if I call you by your first name? You can call me anything but sugar-lumps. Oh, and sweetie pie." He smirked, reaching for a flask and yanking the cap to take a swig. "How long've you been here in the Army? Haven't seen you around much. And by much I mean well, much. . . wow, my vocabulary skills are strong today. Must be a full moon somewhere far, far away."
Preliat didn't seem particularly amused by the man's humor for a moment, but a brief and happy smile showed that there was more to him than a frown. He spoke after another swig of his beer, a sort of confidence booster.

"I just joined, you could say. I wanted to get back at the Sith, kill things. Alleviate boredom. Not necessarily in that order. I've been involved in some fights here and there. Had a lovely lunch with Karen Roberts and some lady named Coci. The Coci girl, between you and me, can get it."He pointed at him with a finger that held his beer, smiling. It was a heavier beer than most, just like any Mandalorian would take happily. He reached to the cooler at his side, his own personal stash, and offered one to Manu, though it would probably not be the best to him at first.

@[member="Manu Xextos"]
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Manu took the beer and popped the top, cranking it to his lips. The brew was strong, and by Echani standards, well, he'd be honest. Life in his wife's palace had rutted out a lot of easier tastes. Gripping the bottle strong for a second, Manu's eyebrows rose. He glanced at @[member="Preliat Mantis"] and wondered just how the man's liver could handle more than a few swigs. Must have been some kind of damage he'd taken.

"Coci? Haven't met her yet either. Been too busy killing Sith and breaking their stuff." Manu smirked, dishing more food in his mouth then another swig. Some day. . . Oh some day he would get a taste for it. "Yeah, what's with the universe if it leaves you bored, eh? Should be a law. Physics law. You got any favourite skill or are you an all rounder?"