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Approved Tech Drifter Class Shotgun

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Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
Drifter Class Shotgun

OOC Info
Image Source: X & Terminator 2
Intent: To create a set of force imbued shotguns
Restricted Missions: NA
Canon Link: NA
Primary Source: NA

Drifter General Info
Manufacturer: Reclaimer Arms & Industrial, Miss Blonde, [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
Model: Drifter
Affiliation: Closed Market
Modularity: Sights and color.
Production: Semi Unique
Material: force imbued Durasteel and wood
Classification: 12 gauge force imbued shotgun
Size: handheld
Length: 450mm
Weight: 3.5kg
Ammunition type: 12 Gauge Shells
Ammunition Capacity: 7 Shells
Effective range: 50 meters
Maximum firing range: 150 meters
Rate of fire: As fast as you can use the lever action.

Special Features
Force Imbued: Able to block lightsabers like any forcd imbued sword, this weapon can help you in a pinch with a saber jockey. It's both rugged and durable when dealing with the energy blades.

Ballistakinesis: One of the charms installed on it, the Drifter uses this to propel the slug faster than a normal shotgun could ever perform. Speeds can often reach upwards to a high end Verpine shatter gun.


Strengths & Weaknesses
•Hard Hitting
•Piercing Power
•Force Imbued
•Ion/EMP proof
•Reload time
•Force null fields

Drifter Description
The Drifter is a weapon that exists in both worlds, almost a duality in its design. It's not quite a full fledged weapon of the force, and it's not a standard shotgun either. Thus the name Drifter. It's a weapon that skirts the line between the force and the earth. It's an all around bad boy of a gun and it'll make you feel like a man when you hold it.

Strengths. Let's start off with the weapon's ability to accelerate projectiles beyond that of your standard lever action. Using the power of ballistakinesis, this weapon is more than capable of dispatching heavily armed foes through sheer blunt force trauma. That's where the majority of its strength lays, in it's ability to deliver large amounts of kinetic damage. While its piercing power is also impressive depending on the type of munition you use, this weapon is all about bringing the pain fast and hard. Furthermore as a force imbued item it can stand up against lightsabers and easily block them. Just make sure you have some form of bayonet when up close and personal.

Weaknesses. It's an archaic weapon, as useful as the force is on it, it's still miles behind what the rest of the Galaxy is using. That means you have slower reload times, slower rate of fire if you're not experienced with the weapon. (And in all likelihood most people are) These problems are further compounded by the lack of a buffer spring stock and other features in modern fire arms that reduce recoil. So couple the strength of a regular shotgun with the power of the force further propelling your projectile, it makes for a wickedly hard kick. Not to mention if you step into a null field of any kind you are basically just holding a plain old shotgun, so do be weary of those.

Summary. All and all despite its flaws, this weapon is still a brutal contender for one the more deadly shotguns the Galaxy has to offer. It's ability to merge technology and the force might be a bit slow, but in time this hopefully will be looked back upon as Blonde's first step into a series of weapons and items that merge the two worlds together.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Miss Blonde"]

From what I can tell this is basically a shotgun that instead of using blackpowder or coils propels it's projectile with the force. People have done this without the use of a third party weapon, so I think its balanced and fine enough.

Approved Pending Secondary

[member="Jamie Pyne"], @Razlin, [member="Cira"]
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