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DRD-1 "Phantom"

The Black Flame
Intent: To create a drone for use in the Fel Imperium
Development Thread: No
Manufacturer: Stargo Enterprises
Model: DRD – 1 “Phantom”
Affiliation: Fel Imperium
Modularity: Yes – camouflage based on where the drone is operating
Production: Mass-Production
Material: Durasteel

The DRD-1 is a new age in the advancement of droid warriors in the Fel Empire. The Drone has been created for the purposes of reconnaissance and light assault. The drone is equipped with heavy repulserlifts like those found on speeder bikes as well as a sub-light thruster to give it more speed and power. The droid can constantly send and receive information to any location within two systems from its position.

While the droid acts independently and does not require a constant signal, it can receive orders and new locations through highly encrypted signals that are constantly scanned for intrusion. In the way of armaments, the droid is equipped with two repeating blasters for anti-infantry use and slight anti-vehicle effect.

Classification: Class 4
Weight: 180 kg
Height: 1 meter
Movement: Repulsorlift

2 blaster repeaters
Misc. Equipment:

Full spectrum sensors package


1 photoreceptor