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Dragon Slayer

Once, long ago when Krest first attained his title as a Knight of the Templar Order he crafted himself a lightsaber from the pearl of the mighty Krayt Dragon. Alone he had slain the great beast, proving his skill and power as a Knight. It was a difficult challenge, but it was worth it. A pearl, green and bright, was obtained, and it became the center of his first real lightsaber.

[member="Satia"] was a newly appointed Knight of the Ascendancy, and with it came the time for her to craft her own lightsaber. Normally a Sith would make their own crystal, a challenge that most did not survive as the furnace would melt most away if they were not prepared. But Krest had another idea. Like himself so long ago she would be the first of many to undergo the Krayt hunt. She would brave the deserts of Tattooine to get herself her own pearl, and with it craft her weapon.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​Tattooine, the fabled land of legends were the mighty Tusken clans ruled the seas of sand; laying claim to all they saw through their recognizable masks. Stories and rumors of these famed warriors floated on the wispy smoke that danced through the cantinas; garnishing warnings from the planet's habitants to visitors who held visions of grandeur through exploration or scavenging out in the Dune Sea. Those that refused to heed such warnings never survived long enough to witness the twin suns drift into their nightly sleep. But not every visitor that went missing could be blamed on the rulers of the sand, there were other dangers such as sarlaacs; and yet these still took a backseat to the true apex predator of Tattooine. The mighty rare Krayt Dragon. It was bad luck to speak of such beasts according to the citizens, for fear of drawing them out from the sands to eat the little children. To those that lived to witness a dragon, knew it wasn't just children it would eat.

​The arid air slightly resided when a small gust of wind swept by, howling as it attempted to thrash exposed flesh with the rough, sharp particles of the sand. Pulling the lightweight cloth from around my neck, I managed to cover my face before it was brutality assaulted. It wasn't just the wind, or the frequent sand storms that I had to guard against. The heat of Tattooine was deadly in itself, cooking and dehydrating those that ventured out without proper planning. I let the cloth drop back down, then took a small swig from the canteen on my hip. I had been Knighted, but according to my Master I had yet one last trial to complete. Kill a dragon or don't come back. I knew the tone he meant when he told me not to come back, if I failed to slay a dragon chances were awfully good I would unwillingly forever become part of the dragon.

​"You couldn't have chosen a more hellish setting, Master." ​I was a hybrid species, a combination of the Epicanthix and Arkanian species, and it was my tundra loving Arkanian blood that shivered under the twin sun's heat. "I'm ready, Master." ​One thought crept into my mind as I prepared for my final test, a quote I read in a tome back at the Sith Temple's library on Bastion; 'Do or do not, there is no try.'

The Zabrak also wrapped a cloth around his face as he stared out into the dunes. Ah, it had been so long since Krest had last been in the sands. He missed it for sure, but this wasn't the time to reminisce. Well, for too long at least. He stretched his arms out wide to embrace the heat, smiling wide behind his cloth mask. "This isn't hell, this is beauty! There are harsher environments, yes, but this place just.." Krest clenched his fists, going silent as he let the Force flow through him again. Then with a sigh he let his arms fall, and he chuckled.

"Nevermind. You understand your task yes? I'll be following you just to make sure you actually kill one of the dragons, and to assist where I see fit, should I see fit. For now, follow the Force. Listen to it, and you will hear the pearl you are tasked with finding." The Sith already had felt the target as they had traveled over the planet for their landing site. It was up to [member="Satia"] to follow the trail.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂

I closed my eyes, feeling the Force around me. The desert was filled with many living creatures, both big and small. But what I was seeking was the biggest of them all. Catching a brief vibration from the pearl through the Force, I took a step toward the direction; my eyes still in the shut position. Eyes can cause distractions, even betraying you from your task if you allow them; so keeping them closed would allow me to focus more potently. I walked slowly, taking in the surroundings I was feeling, yet remained focus on the pearl.

​I stopped abruptly when I felt a strong tremor in the Force. I opened my eyes quickly and ran to the crest of the sand hill, my hand reaching for my weapon. When I reached the top, and looked down, I didn't see a dragon but a herd of hairy massive beasts gathered around a rare watering hole. I bite my tongue, literally, that I allowed myself to become distracted. I turned toward my master waiting for a verbal lesson when from over the horizon a bellowing roar erupted. The hairy beasts, I could sense, went tense with fear.

​Siphoning their fear, I reached out again and felt the pearl. A dragon was coming to the watering hole to hunt, but instead it would find me ready and prepared.

Krest kept his distance from [member="Satia"] , but he always kept the cannibal within his sight. As he had said he wasn't going to interfere or assist, only monitor and steer her in the right direction if necessary. As he continued to walk through the sands something peaked his interest however. A turn of his head, and he saw it. The Krayt Dragon, coming for what it assumed was an easy dinner. A smile formed on his lips as he saw the great beast.

The smile soon faded however, as he saw who else had come. Tusken Raiders, coming to prove their worth as adults. Slowly he pulled his steel blade free and began walking towards the raiders. They would not interfere with this hunt while he was around.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​The dragon was a majestic beast! It's size alone could install fear into the hearts of those that allowed such an emotion to ruin their senses. I eyed the beast, calculating the best approach to deal with my prey. A direct assault on such a massive predator would not bode well for me. What I needed was tact. I crouched down waiting for the dragon to strike at one of the hairy creatures. When it was distracted with eating, I would launch my own assault.

​The herd of hairy creatures were slow to react, and before they could all move safely away from the dragon; a young calf was taken down by the powerful jaws of the apex predator. I charged down the sandy hill, using the Force to heighten my speed to quickly close the gap between us. The dragon, like myself, took pleasure in eating it's kill, and was unaware I was driving myself toward it's left rear flank. But I was wrong.

​With a bloody patch of flesh in it's teeth, the dragon swung it's head toward me dropping the meat in the process. Those massive jaws lunged at me, and I used the Force to jump over that mighty maw; landing on it's back. Just as I was about to ignite my blade side from my hilt, the dragon shook violently, tossing me off like some annoying insect. I crashed onto the sand, quickly rebounding myself and assessed the distance between us. The lightwhip end of my weapon was useless, so I proceeded to ignite the blade instead. I gritted my teeth while setting up into a defensive posture, for my dragon was rumbling toward me.

The smell of burning flesh was a welcome scent to the nose of the elder Zabrak. Before him pieces of the raiders were half buried in the sand, scattered. His sword returned to it's sheath as he left the butchered beings to their eternal grave, his red eyes scanning the horizon for any other raiders. Just as he was about to step away however a hand grasped his ankle and a weak war cry escaped the mangled body of one who had survived. The red eyes fell upon the form again, and Krest realized his folly. His legs were gone, and only one arm remained, but no killing blow.


His piercing red eyes would narrow on the masked being, and slowly that very mask would begin to close down upon itself. A weak scream escaped the raider, but it cut off once his helm finished closing down around him. [member="Darth Sarcophago"]

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