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Dracen Garett

Dracen Garett

The Count

NAME: Dracen Garett
SPECIES: Epicanthix
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
WEIGHT: 176 pounds
EYES: Yellow
HAIR: White
SKIN: Pale white


+ Warrior: Through intense epicanthix training, Dracen is a skilled bladesman and warrior.
+ Force potential: He is strongly attuned to the dark side of the force.
+ Strong-willed: Through his connection with the force, Dracen is very hard to break mentally.

- Calculating: He will often make cold, calculating decisions when he seems necessary.
- Self-assured: He believes himself to be superior to others, and someone must do a great feat to gain his respect.
Force Powers:
Force push /////
Force speed ////

SHIP: Alndys-class Patrol/Exploration Craft

BIOGRAPHY: Born on Panatha, Dracen was never a normal child. From birth, a strange feeling of darkness could be felt about him. While most could not feel the strange essence, one dark Jedi in cover could feel it instantly. Over several years, the young Epicanthix was watched closely, the force user never far behind. Though he didn't know I his own potential, it affected him greatly, as he would commonly terrorize and bully other kids. At the age of seventeen, his watcher finally revealed himself while Dracen was alone in a field. The dark Jedi began to teach him of the force and how powerful it could be. Interested, the young boy gave himself fully to the dark side of the force. He learned only basic techniques, but had a great potential to use them. By nineteen, he was powerful enough to surpass the Jedi, and surpass him he did. Believing the man to be holding him back, he slew him with his own lightsaber. Relishing the kill, he felt he needed more. Traveling back to his village, he hid the lightsaber from his parents, and implored them to let him train in the warrior ways. Agreeing, they sent him with a master fighter to train for five long years in the art of killing. He learned to hone his skills with brutal efficiency, and whenever he could, taught himself to incorporate the force into his attacks. He soon became a deadly opponent, and sought new life in the galaxy. Buying a new ship, he traveled to Coruscant to seek out further training.